May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
mystery shopper market research

Mystery Shopper Market Research

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Mystery shopping and market research go hand in hand. But why is market research so important to mystery shopping? It is because companies like retailers use market research companies to find out what their customers think of them. Hence the phrase ‘mystery shopper market research’.

It’s due to this that mystery shoppers commonly work in direct link with market research companies. This is instead of using mystery shopping companies themselves. 

How does Mystery Shopper Market Research Work?

Mystery shopper market research works by mystery shoppers going to a specific location. Once there, they record information and feed this back to the market research company. They then report back to their client. 

The client will have a better idea of how their customer reacts to things. These typically include things like store layout, marketing campaigns and in-store promotions. Essentially, the mystery shopper is the middle man between a customer and business.

They help businesses understand how they are showing themselves to their customers which can help them change for the better. I.e. by picking up on negative parts of the relationship between the customer and business.

mystery shopper market research

A Real Example of Mystery Shopping in Action

A mystery shopping exercise was conducted in a hospital to assess customer service given by administrators. The outcome was that if administrators salaries were improved, they were more likely to offer better service to patients. 

So ultimately, mystery shopping exercises enable businesses to improve for their customers.