May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
Mystery Shopper Meaning

Mystery Shopper Meaning

By on April 28, 2020 0 118 Views provides the best mystery shopper meaning or definition. A mystery shopper is a person ‘employed to visit a shop or restaurant incognito to assess the quality of the goods and services there’. However, this is a basic definition, and there are some more details you should know about.

What do Mystery Shoppers do?

Mystery shoppers are hired through market research companies in the capacity of an ‘undercover customer’ who measure the quality of service, job performance and compliance.

What Other Tasks Must a Mystery Shopper Complete?

They will pose as a customer and may have to buy a product, interact with staff or check any aspect of the customer experience.

Mystery Shopper Meaning

Who Hires Mystery Shoppers?

Usually, they are hired by market research or mystery shopping companies themselves rather than an actual business.

What Industries Use Mystery Shoppers?

Any service industry you can imagine! From supermarkets, restaurants, pubs and bars to hospitals, schools and even churches! 

Why do Companies Need Mystery Shoppers?

It lets them see their business from the eyes of the customer. Companies use the information to interpret how the customer sees them. This drives further improvements for customers.

How do Mystery Shoppers Work? How are they Paid?

Mystery shoppers are often referred to as ‘gig workers’ or ‘undercover customers’ who are basically independent contractors paid a fixed amount for completing a gig. This is on average £11.28 according to Indeed.