July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
Mystery Shopper Movie

Mystery Shopper Movie

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Are you a bit of a self-obsessed film fanatic? If the answer is ‘yes’, you’ll love mystery shopper movie opportunities in your local cinema. ODEON, Vue and Cineworld are known to regularly advertise such opportunities.

What Do I have to do as a Mystery Shopper Movie Theatre?

In short, potentially lots of different tasks! Think along the lines of…

  • The parking outside the cinema and the general upkeep of the outside of the building
  • Checking ticket sales, how easy it is to buy a ticket, how long you have to queue
  • Monitoring customer service. Are staff capable of controlling large crowds well?
  • Checking confectionery areas. Is the popcorn fresh, is enough pick ‘n’ mix available?
  • Checking the lobby to ensure promo stands are properly set up
  • Seeing how many customers have bought a ticket and if there are enough seats
  • Making sure trailers run on schedule or checking sound and projection quality
  • Checking the temperature in the auditorium to make sure it is comfortable
  • Seeing if the auditorium is free of litter and the floors have been mopped

As you can see, being a mystery shopper in a cinema is no walk in the park! You’ll probably be given a sizeable list of items to check, so if you’re unprepared to put in the work, this assignment may not be for you.

Mystery Shopper Movie

Looking for Ideas for an Entertaining Night Out?

Why not try and book a couple of mystery shopping activities one after the other. You could start off with food at your favourite place, watch an exciting blockbuster, then maybe head over to a bowling alley. It might be challenging to schedule but is surely worth a try?