May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
Mystery Shopper MSPA

Mystery Shopper MSPA

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Mystery Shopper MSPA is a trade organisation for all companies involved in mystery shopping. Their main aim is to improve the quality of the mystery shopping industry. They also strive to create professional standards and ethics for the industry. By educating shoppers, providers and clients, a better quality of service can be created within the industry, and harmful scams can be identified in the process.

How Can Mystery Shopper MSPA Help You?

Mystery shopper MSPA is for retailers, shoppers and providers. For mystery shoppers, however, there are many benefits to joining as a member, or getting involved with them. 

Certification. If you stand out from the crowd, mystery shopping companies are more likely to hire you. There are fewer better ways of doing this than becoming mystery shopper MSPA certified.

Networking and annual conference. Keep an eye out for an MSPA conference local to you by checking in on the events page. Be sure to sign up quick, places don’t stick around for long!

Mystery Shopper MSPA

Membership. You’ll be able to access loads of benefits from the MSPA. Just remember that membership isn’t the same as registering as a mystery shopper. You’ll need to do this separately.

Hints and tips. You’ll be able to access part of the MSPA site which allow you to exchange ideas with other mystery shoppers. Ideal if you’re new to the game and need to learn new information.

Search for companies. The MSPA maintains an extensive database of accredited companies. So if you’re looking for a new mystery shopping opportunity, this is often the best starting point.

Protect against scams. Scams are rife in mystery shopping. However, the MSPA strive to keep on the ball by circulating information on the latest ones. They also provide hints of how to spot a scam.