January 25, 2020
  • January 25, 2020
a Mystery Shopper Report

How to Write a Mystery Shopper Report with Maximum Impact

By on October 15, 2019 0 275 Views

The most important part of a mystery shopping exercise is arguably handing in a mystery shopper report at the end. After all, this is the one thing you are being paid to do. Handing in your report demonstrates to the mystery shopping company that you have visited the site and attended to everything required from it. Accuracy is key for a great mystery shopping report. However, there are other things you can do as well. Making sure that you submit something that really stands out.

a Mystery Shopper Report


Keep focused. The mystery shopping company only wants you to write about the assignment in question. Anything extra is unnecessary. Question everything that you include. If it’s irrelevant, get rid.

Note finer details. Making frequent mistakes about things such as staff members’ names in a mystery shopper report can create a confusing mess and render your conclusions useless. Make notes on the finer details. It makes report writing a breeze.

Be factual. Don’t add bias to your observations by adding personal opinions. State the facts. Mentioning that John at customer services was swearing under his breath and scouring at people already suggests how bad the service was. 

Stick to requirements. You will be given requirements before any mystery shopping exercise. Be sure to stick to them rigidly. Following your own rules will only land your report in the bin.

Exclude unnecessary information. During your mystery shopper visit, you will probably notice a lot. However, this doesn’t mean you need to mention everything. Notice that One Direction’s greatest hits were playing during your recent trip to DFS? The mystery shopping company doesn’t need to know.

Perfect your grammar. Make your report clear and easy to read by using concise but complete sentences and avoiding things like abbreviations and sentence fragments

Edit & proofread. Take a quick break before proofreading your final report and making necessary edits. A polished and well-written report will create a lasting impression for the mystery shopping company and might help you land more assignments in the future.