January 20, 2020
  • January 20, 2020
Mystery Shopper Reviews

The Mystery Shopper Reviews Revealing Good and Bad

By on November 12, 2019 0 130 Views

The mystery shopper reviews online tend to be based on sites such as Trust Pilot, Money Saving Expert and Mumsnet. Reading through these reveals a mixed bag with regards to mystery shopping. So which of the mystery shopper reviews out there should you really take note of? It really depends on what kind of opinion you are looking for. Here, we look at the most common good and bad reviews published. Hopefully, this will help you work out whether mystery shopping is something you want to pursue.

What are the Mystery Shopper Reviews to Take Note of?

After scouring the mystery shopper reviews on many sites, we found that the things people hated the most about mystery shopping tended to be:

  • Rigid rules. You can be penalised for even the most basic of mistakes like making a small mistake during the shop or making spelling errors in the report.
  • Sometimes poor pay. Considering fuel costs, expenses, time and effort required for some assignments, some mystery shoppers believe it just wasn’t worth the hassle
  • Poor service. Another frequent thing reported was a difficulty with mystery shoppers contacting their providers. Or suffering from abrupt or unhelpful staff on the other end
Mystery Shopper Reviews

It’s Not All Bad News. There are Also Some Great Reasons to be a Mystery Shopper

  • Extra income. Fits perfectly around existing employment and has the potential to allow mystery shopper to earn a decent living. The Guardian even suggested that you could earn £40,000 a year from mystery shopping (although we take this with a pinch of salt)
  • Freebies. Sometimes, your travel expenses will be paid. You may even get to keep the items you had to purchase
  • Having fun. What could be more enjoyable than visiting all your favourite retailers buying items that you like, as well as travelling to different places and experiencing something new. Mystery shopping is really varied. Loads of mystery shopper reviews out there prove that two days in mystery shopping is never the same