May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
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Why Mystery Shopper Reviews Are Important

By on September 17, 2019 0 657 Views

Have you decided that mystery shopping is for you? You’re possibly now in the process of looking through various mystery shopping companies. So, which one should you choose? It’s very much down to personal preference. However, we definitely recommend looking at mystery shopper reviews to see which companies would suit you best. Here are some real comments from mystery shoppers on the top 3 mystery shopping companies out there.


The Good

People that have worked for Mystery Shoppers Ltd report that there are many great reasons to work for this company. Just some of the advantages include interesting assignments, quick payment, and competent staff.

The Bad

Assignments tend to be highly specific. Mystery shoppers risk losing payment for the task if instructions aren’t closely followed. Other issues we are aware of include poor pay, support and the addition of extra tasks to an assignment with no prior warning.

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The Good

Market Force mystery shoppers report high satisfaction levels. Furthermore, many state it is probably one of the best mystery shopping companies in the UK to work for. Highly valuing customers, providing clear instructions and paying on time. Just some of the reasons why Market Force attract customers again and again. 

The Bad

Many Market Force participants report that they have been penalized over small errors. Resulting in them not being paid at all, even when it hasn’t been their fault. Moreover, other common problems mentioned include late payments, poor travel allowance and removal of applications from accounts with no explanation.


The Good

Clients of Grass Roots Mystery Shopping say that it is a reputable company to work for. Market Force staff quickly sort issues as they arise. Most importantly, however, mystery shoppers say they are always paid on time.

The Bad

Users now have to use a ‘self assignment’ system on Grass Roots. This means that people not working full time have an unfair advantage of being able to access and apply for jobs immediately. With a much better chance of securing the assignment. Another frequent issue reported is that there aren’t as many assignments compared to other mystery shopping companies.