July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020
Mystery Shopper Survey

Mystery Shopper Survey

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One of the most overlooked aspects of mystery shopping is the Mystery Shopper Survey. This is where you stand outside of a shop and ask questions. It may not be anything like as mysterious as the traditional shopping experience but it can earn you cash. Let’s take a look at the Mystery Shopper Survey and what it can mean to you.

What Is A Mystery Shopper Survey?

Have you ever seen the people stood outside of a shop with a Clipboard in hand? The people who ask if they can stop you? Well, those are more than likely carrying out a survey for a mystery shopping company. You see, mystery shopping companies look after other aspects of customer service too.

Mystery Shopper Survey

If you want to be someone who does the surveys then look no further than a mystery shopping company. They often have a range of options available, depending on which mystery shopper company you work with.

How Easy Are They?

Great question. You will normally be assigned a store, a range of dates and a certain number of responses to get. This might take you a couple of hours on a good day or all day on a slow one. The weather has a big impact. If it is bad weather then you might get fewer people. And those that are there might just want to get home.

Like anything to do with mystery shopping, it is best to try a few out and find if they suit.

I have seen people be there all day long. It can get frustrating to be told ‘no’ time and time again but that’s par for the course. Don’t take it personally. People have their own lives to lead.

If you want to know more about mystery shopping then we’re always here. The book has been designed to support your journey in becoming a mystery shopper.