June 18, 2019
  • June 18, 2019
Mystery shopper YouTube

Mystery Shopper YouTube vidoes to watch

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How can I make money from mystery shopping? What are the best companies to work for? (Emma Drew)

Emma Drew, an experienced mystery shopper, started mystery shopping when she was an 18 year old student, mystery shopping for a camera store. Today she still enjoys this hobby, regularly doing assignments along with her husband Tony. It is interesting to see her as a mystery shopper YouTube on the video sharing channel.

Why do companies do mystery shopping?

Businesses are keen to know how they are performing and if they are delivering the best service to customers. Mystery shopping allows the collection of anonymous data. Which may not be possible by head office staff. 

What kinds of mystery shopping opportunities are available?

  • Hotels and restaurants. Experience an overnight stay and possibly even a free meal and breakfast
  • Banks. Individual asked to follow instructions once in bank. And complete short survey afterwards
  • Online stores. Customer required to look through app or website, order something and possibly return a product.

Mystery shopper YouTube - watch videos

Mystery shopper YouTube

Do mystery shopping trips have certain rules?

Sometimes. But this can vary from business to business. Typically, an individual cannot complete a mystery shop for a company that employs a friend or family member. Close adherence must be paid to both time limits and instructions given. It is essential to be discrete throughout the entire trip, making notes as appropriate. And ultimately, it is essential to ask questions if you are unsure of anything before you carry out the task.

Are there certain rules?

  • Mystery shopping at locations where friends/family are employed is generally not allowed
  • If you have a strong relationship with your mystery shopping company some mistakes may be allowed
  • Any questions must be clarified before assignment

What are the best mystery shopper companies to work for?

It is possible to make money from mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is ideal as a hobby in your spare time. Online completion of questionnaires and surveys is usually possible. Which makes the entire process much easier. When a job suitable for yourself comes in, you receive an e-mail. You will normally have around 24 hours to complete an assignment. Mystery shopping requires a high level of organisation. Some companies pay on a weekly basis whereas others pay monthly. Make sure to keep all receipts so that eligible items can be claimed for. Nevertheless, you may be allowed to keep some purchases.

A mystery shopper will need to monitor and record a number of different things throughout a mystery shopping visit. Such as the cleanliness and tidiness of the branch. Or the level of customer service received. If the service received was poor, the mystery shopper will have the opportunity to comment why.

What trustworthy mystery shopping companies are available?

  1. Marketforce
  2. ESA Retail
  3. Amber Arch Ltd job board
  4. Grass Roots Mystery Shopping
  5. Performance In People
  6. Red wigwam

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