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Mystery Shopping 101

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Mystery Shopping 101

Mystery Shopping 101If you are new to mystery shopping then you will want to know the basics. If you know where to start then you can quickly move on to success. Here are the mystery shopping 101 things you MUST know –

  • Always turn up on time
  • Check you have the right location
  • Stay a mystery!
  • If unsure, call your company
  • Don’t take notes while shopping
  • File your report
  • Be available to answer questions

But this is about more than words. Let’s take a look at the mystery shopping 101 rules outlined above and see what they actually mean in the real world.

Mystery Shopping 101 and the basics

Mystery Shopping 101 and You

Becoming a mystery shopper is quite simple. You need to find a mystery shopping company and then make an application to join them. There will be a few questions to get you started. If you’re not sure where to start then Market Force is a brilliant company to get you going.

Here’s why the mystery shopping 101 rules above are important. Turning up at the right time and at the right place are pretty much essential points for job. You should treat mystery shopping as a job, even though it is usually a self-employed role. Take it seriously and it will reward you.

Taking notes while you are in a mystery shopping environment can realty give the game away. Staying a mystery helps the company accurately assess the kind of service a real customer gets. If they suspect you are a mystery shopper, then you might get a different level of service.

Filing your report on time and being around after to answer any questions means the mystery shopping company gets to report back to their clients. Having all of the information on time (and as accurate as possible) will help the clients make the most of your mystery shop and utilise the data. Mystery shopping 101 also helps you become a successful shopper. If you want to know more then get the book and see where it takes you.