May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
stay at home mums are perfect for mystery shopping 2018

The 5 reasons why stay at home mums are perfect for mystery shopping 2018

By on March 2, 2018 0 537 Views

Mystery shopping is a great way to bring in some extra money or to pick up some freebies. Mystery shopping 2018 I perfect for the stay at home mum. Because many of the mystery shop assignments have to be carried out in the daytime it needs someone who is available during that time. Step forward the stay at home mum. Here is my guide to the five reasons stay at home mums are perfect for mystery shopping 2018 and beyond.

5 – You probably have the free time

If the kids are at school then you may well have enough free time to go out and carry out the odd mystery shop or two. If you are going to a local town or shopping centre then you will often find a mystery shop available there. Whether it’s to get a bite to eat or to pick up something free, it can help.

Mystery shopping can take up very little time at all. You can select as few or as many assignments as you like, even making yourself unavailable during the school holidays if needed. This makes it the ultimate job for a stay at home mum.

stay at home mums are perfect for mystery shopping 2018 - will it work for you?

4 – It can help with the bills

Getting something for free can really help. I use a lot of my mystery shops to get a few groceries, lighten the financial burden at Christmas or for little treats. This means that you can make your weekly budget stretch that little bit further.

You won’t get rich from mystery shopping but it can help out here and there. Those little extras mean that you can keep your weekly spending to the essentials. All the extras you get from mystery shopping can make life a little more luxurious.

3 – A free cup of coffee or lunch – with a friend

It can be good to hook up with other people every now and again. If you can get this paid for by the mystery shopping company then all the better. There are loads of opportunities to mystery shop cafes or restaurants so you can invite a friend and get a free meal.

It is good to spend time with others on a regular basis. The fact that a short mystery shopping report is all it needs to make it free should have you making a regular thing of it. This works whether you are grabbing a coffee on a shopping trip or meeting someone for lunch.

stay at home mums are perfect for mystery shopping 2018 - meet a friend

2 – Clothes (for you or your kids) when mystery shopping 2018

There’s no two ways about it. Clothes are expensive. This is the same whether you are buying for yourself or your kids. Sometimes you have to put all thoughts of a new top to one side as you have other expenses with a family.

But mystery shopping can provide the answer. Many fashion retailers need their stores mystery shopped so you can pick up a bargain or two along the way. The fact that you can supplement your wardrobe with a new item every now and again is helpful. This is a great way to get the most of mystery shopping 2018 and beyond.

1 – Get out of the house and meet people

Although you are not making lifelong friends through mystery shopping, there is ample opportunity to get away from looking at the same 4 walls. Mystery shopping 2018 and beyond can get you out and about as well as earning a bit of extra money.

I use it to go back to places I haven’t been for a while or to explore new ones. Mystery shopping 2018 and the future can open a lot of doors and getting you out and talking to other grown ups after days of dealing with nothing but kids can be quite therapeutic.

If you are interested in mystery shopping then my book is a great place to learn what it is all about. Check it out on the Kindle store now.