July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
mystery shopping ABa

Mystery shopping ABa – is this right for me?

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There are a number of UK mystery shopping companies that you could decide to work with. If you are new to mystery shopping or looking for an additional company to sign up for, then you may want to consider mystery shopping ABa as one of the leading providers. Here is the lowdown on mystery shopping ABa –

Sign-up process for mystery shopping ABa

The sign-up process for mystery shopping ABa is simple. They want basic details about you as well as information that will help them to build a picture of you, such as –

  • Were you are willing to shop
  • Your availability
  • Where you currently shop
  • Details of your banking

This is then followed by a series of videos where you get to test your skills as a mystery shopper. Even if you don’t sign up for mystery shopping ABa then these are useful to hone your skills.

mystery shopping ABa

There are many elements to being a good mystery shopper. If you want to know more, then get the book and find out how you can develop here.

The type of assignments ABa mystery shopping have available

Becoming a mystery shopper with ABa is a matter of filling out the application process as above and then waiting for a reply. Once you are signed up, then you have a choice of visits. These include –

  • Supermarket mystery shopping
  • Video mystery shopping
  • Audio mystery shopping

Sending reports to ABa mystery shopping

Reporting back your findings to ABa can be a really easy process with the video and audio shops. It is simply a case of uploading the video or audio file and answering some basic questions about your experience. If you carry out a mystery shop for ABa that doesn’t require audio or video, then there is an online system for sending reports that is easy to use and intuitive. Don’t worry about any of this – they have you covered!

mystery shopping ABa - will it work for you?

Mystery shopping ABa payment schedules

These are one of the sharper payers in the world of mystery shopping. Of course, you are often required to make a purchase when mystery shopping ABa and from there you will need to be reimbursed. This takes a short amount of time with ABa and you will stay in control of your finances. If you start mystery shopping on a regular basis then you will need to treat this like a business.

Summary –  is mystery shopping ABa right for me?

ABa is one of the options out there for mystery shoppers, whether you are experienced or new to this. I recommend making an application, even if this is to try out the videos. There is a lot to be said about the company, who look after their shoppers. I think that every mystery shopper should take a look.