January 20, 2020
  • January 20, 2020
Mystery Shopping Aldi - fill your trolley

Mystery Shopping Aldi And Other Supermarkets

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If you are a mystery shopper then the supermarket mystery shop might be something you aim for. Mystery shopping Aldi and other supermarkets gives you the chance to get your hands on some groceries. This is something we all buy pretty much every week, so to get some for free is tempting. Let’s take a look at mystery shopping Aldi and other supermarkets to see what you have to do.

The supermarket mystery shop can be quite a simple thing. It usually consists of –

  • Assessing the levels of fill and cleanliness
  • Making an enquiry or two at specific points
  • Selecting some products
  • Purchasing these at the till and measuring service and queuing time

You will see that this is what you would normally do when going out shopping. In fact, mystery shopping Aldi and the other supermarkets mirrors what a customer would do anyway. They want you to appear like any other customer.

Mystery Shopping Aldi and other supermarkets

Mystery Shopping Aldi and Other Supermarkets

It would be unfair to give out the details of which mystery shopping company provides the programme for which supermarket, plus they change all the time. But what we can do here is give you an idea of the supermarkets that need mystery shopping visits. No matter what supermarket you are after, we recommend Market Force as a great company to start with. They have good fees, plenty of assignments and they look after you too. Check out the review to see how they operate.

The supermarkets that we have personally mystery shopped include –

  • Mystery shopping Aldi
  • Morrison’s mystery shopping
  • M&S mystery shoppers
  • Mystery shopping Tesco
  • Lidl mystery shopping
  • Mystery shoppers Iceland

And there are many more. You just need to sign up with some quality mystery shopping companies and the assignments will be there for you. But we’re sure you want more than that. let’s take a look at what can make it easy for you.

Get out there for Mystery Shopping Aldi

Inside Tips For Mystery Shopping Aldi and the Other Supermarkets

Mystery shopping Aldi, or any other supermarket for that matter is a case of following the instructions given by your mystery shopping company before you go. Here are our inside tips to make it all a success –

  • If you are unsure then contact your mystery shopping provider. They will be only too pleased to help.
  • Read the notes over more than once to familiarise yourself with them. Again, if you are unsure then ask.
  • Print out the questionnaire and take it with you. Don’t let it be seen but have it in a bag or stashed away in your pocket. As soon as you finish, out of sight, fill in the details while they are fresh in your mind.
  • If the assignment allows, don’t be afraid to go back in if you have missed something.
  • Take your mobile phone with you. There are several reasons you might need it, such as timing how long it took to be served, making the odd nots so you don’t forget or taking a photo that either the report needs or that will jog your memory.
  • Remember the details needed – usually linked to people. The report might require you to remember names, ages, height, hair colour and even eye colour. Train your brain to do this whenever you shop and it will become easier.

If you follow these then you can really come up trumps. For more information and tips, look for the book which is available on Amazon right now.