March 29, 2020
  • March 29, 2020
Mystery Shopping At Christmas Time

Mystery Shopping At Christmas Time

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This is the time of year that mystery shop companies and retailers cut back on assignments. This is to concentrate on customer service. Mystery shopping at Christmas time can drop away. The number of mystery shops available has started to decrease quite a lot. But for the willing there are certain kind of jobs that start to appear in the weeks before Christmas. Mystery shopping Christmas time can be lucrative if you know where to look.

If you want to have a few days away at Christmas or want your meal out on Christmas Day then there’s possibly a mystery shop coming up for you!

  1. There are often mystery shops at national restaurant chains to assess the service for Christmas Day dinner.
  2. I’ve seen currently some mystery shopping assignments for a few days away for Christmas at national family resorts.

Both will give the willing participants a hassle-free Christmas experience. If you’re interested then get applying for mystery shopping jobs.

Mystery Shopping At Christmas Time

Mystery Shopping At Christmas Time

Some people like mystery shopping at Christmas time while others don’t. If you are part of a large family then a few days away at that time of year might not be for you. If you always have Christmas dinner at your mum’s then having it at the local pub might raise a few eyebrows.

Whatever Christmas dinner ideas there is often a chance at the back end of the year to get mystery shopping and save some money. If it isn’t a dinner somewhere else, then it might be a supermarket mystery shop to pick up a turkey or a Christmas pudding. Whatever it is, there are opportunities everywhere. If you are new to this then Market Force might be the best place to start.

My guide to becoming a mystery shopper is available now. Read it to get the lowdown on mystery shopping.