May 30, 2020
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Mystery shopping benefits – the top 5

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If you are considering becoming a mystery shopper, then the mystery shopping benefits are something that you have in mind. There are many benefits to mystery shopping, some of which may not be evident from the outside. Once you become a mystery shopper you get to experience all of these. Retailers are always opening new stores – and need mystery shoppers. The mystery shopping benefits are about so much more than the cash you earn. Here is our guide to the top 5 mystery shopping benefits that you could be experiencing soon –

Mystery shopping benefits #5 – meeting people

It is great to get out and about to meet people. One of the main reasons I started mystery shopping was to meet others. You see new places, spend time talking to people and get to see a bit of the world. If you become a more experienced mystery shopper then there are chances to carry out more exciting mystery shops, such as –

And all of this starts with a simple mystery shop. How about that for one of the mystery shopping benefits to look forward to?

Meeting people can build confidence. Or just get you out of the house for a while. If you live on your own, then it can get lonely at times. Mystery shopping gives you an excuse to get out and about.

Mystery shopping benefits #4 – learn a new area

When I first moved to where I now live, I didn’t know my way around. I hadn’t been to many of the local towns and cities. And I didn’t know what was there. One of their mystery shopping benefits that is not obvious to begin with is the fact it can acquaint you with a new area.

mystery shopping benefits - discover your neighbourhood

I found my way around with the help of the sat nav and asking a load of questions. I now know my home patch like the back of my hand. Much of this is down to mystery shopping. If you really want to get to know an area, then mystery shopping is a fantastic way to do it.

If you have lived some place all your life, it can even show you parts of your own area that you didn’t know existed. Mystery shops to pubs, restaurants and tourist attractions are always available. Think about how this can get you around your local area.

Mystery shopping benefits #3 – the free stuff

Most mystery shopping assignments will need you to buy something. And then you get to keep it afterwards! The free stuff is one of my favourite mystery shopping benefits of all. A mystery shopping payment is split into two parts –

  1. The fee
  2. The reimbursement

The fee is what you are being paid for your time and effort. The reimbursement covers what you have paid out during the task. Whether this is some groceries at the supermarket or clothing from a fashion store, you usually get to keep it. So, you can fill your wardrobe, your belly and your drawers with the free stuff you get mystery shopping. This is one of the reasons that mystery shopping is so popular.

Mystery shopping benefits #2 – working for yourself

It is a great feeling to be your own boss. Mystery shopping might not provide enough cash to sustain you in place of a full-time job. But there is enough there to generate an additional lifestyle income. It makes you feel good to be in control of your own finances.

Mystery shopping is perfect for –

  • Students
  • Stay at home mums
  • The retired

This means that managing you own time is really important. Mystery shopping lets you be in charge of your own time. This is so much more flexible and understanding than a part-time job, for instance.

Mystery shopping benefits - they stack up!

But it is also great for just about anyone else too. It means that you can be in charge of your time and your money. Mystery shopping companies list their available assignments and you choose what is right for you. There is no pressure or requirement. Pick and choose what is right for you. Be your own boss!

Mystery shopping benefits #1 – the cash

Of course, the most appealing of the mystery shopping benefits is the money you can earn. It isn’t a fortune let me tell you that. But there is some good extra cash to be made from mystery shopping. A few shops a week, if chosen wisely, can be worth a few thousand a year. That is cash that most of us can benefit from.

Mystery shopping has many benefits that are appealing. The money is the bottom line. Think about how you can make the most of this. Arranging shops in the same location on the same day will save on petrol and parking charges. This will help you to make the fees you get go as far as they can.

Mystery shopping is a great way to get your hands on some free stuff and earn a bit of extra cash at the same time. I always take a look at available assignments before I travel somewhere. There is often so much to choose from. I rarely have to pay for lunch or a coffee when I got to a local town, city or shopping centre. Try it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

These are the mystery shopping benefits that I think will appeal the most. Have any yourself? I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Drop me a line.