July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020
Mystery shopping boards - find the right assignments for you

Mystery shopping boards are live now

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It’s that time of year for mystery shoppers. And mystery shopping boards are the best place to be. Christmas is over and done with and the sales already feeling like a thing of distant memory for most of us. And it is this time of year that mystery shopping comes back with a vengeance. Things really start to pick up now for mystery shoppers. Over the Christmas period the retailers and hospitality businesses want to concentrate on their busiest period so mystery shopping pretty much stops. They are too busy to think about their mystery shopping programmes. Get on the mystery shopping boards to see what is available.

Mystery shopping boards - after Christmas is perfect.

Mystery shopping boards are the place where companies place their available assignments. You get access to these when you sign up. Check them out regularly to get the best jobs around.

Then as the new year arrives it all starts again. Business as usual means that companies want to know what service their teams are giving their customers. So it’s over to the growing army of mystery shoppers to go out there and complete assignments. The mystery shoppers will work to assess the value, service and other aspects of the way they find retail outlets and hospitality places such as coffee shops, restaurants and pubs.

And they are looking for new mystery shoppers all the time. You can join this growing army. If you sign up today then you can find assignments on mystery shopping boards like the following-

 Check out the mystery shopping boards today

Mystery shopping boards - what will you find?

And you can find –

  • A meal in a local pub for two. Here you have to assess the service and food available and report back on things like how quickly you were served in exchange for having your meal paid for.
  • A clothing purchase at a national retailer known for service and quality. You get to keep whatever you buy and are paid a small fee too!
  • Grab a quick lunch on the go and get someone else to pick up the tab. There are always mystery shops that need you to assess how quickly you are served at lunchtime. Check mystery shopping boards to find out what is available for you.
  • Betting shops want to know that their teams are engaging their customers in more than taking their money. You get a free bet and keep any winnings if you pick up one of these.
  • National coffee shop chains also want to know if their team are following procedures. If you choose one of these mystery shops then you can get a free coffee for you and a friend – and often a cake to go with it too! Mystery shopping boards are filled with these assignments at this time of year.

Mystery shopping can bring you in some extra money, help with the groceries or provide the occasional treat. If you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper then my book is the best place to learn all the skills you need.  Don’t delay, get mystery shopping today!