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Mystery shopping cameras – what will work for me?

By on January 3, 2018 0 731 Views

Mystery shopping cameras are something you might need if you shop regularly. Some companies will expect you to film your visit, so the client can review and support their team. I wouldn’t suggest that you do this straight away, but after some time you might want to invest in one of the mystery shopping cameras available on the market. There are a few options. It is best to read the reviews to see what will work for you. Don’t just go for the cheapest, as this may not be right. The different assignments you carry out will determine the right one of the mystery shopping cameras for you. Here are a few options –

Search on eBay for mystery shopping cameras

There are always options on eBay. A quick search for ‘mystery shopping cameras‘ on the site will reveal options from across the globe. Many of these are hidden cameras that you can wear under a coat and film without being detected. These are an interesting way to record the conversation you have on a mystery shopping assignment. Think about the weather and how obvious a camera is before selecting one. The prices range from around £30 to well over £500, so check it out as you go.

mystery shopping cameras - will drones be next?

Spy Equipment UK for mystery shopping cameras

There are some specialist devices out there, and Spy Equipment UK has a selection of a few. These are housed in bags or backpacks, so you might need to think about whether they are appropriate. Mystery shopping comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so consider the potential use of these. Again, they are nor cheap, so you want them to work for you. Don’t spend until you have signed up with a few mystery shopping companies that carry out video mystery shopping regularly.

Feel like a real spy with Amazon

I must admit, I didn’t even know this existed until recently. A pen camera feels like something out of a James Bond movie. It will record in pretty much the same way as all of these other devices. It contains a 32GB memory and you can plug straight into your PC to upload what you have recorded. You may need to think about how you can incorporate your pen into a mystery shop, but I’m sure that the fun factor will help to inspire you there. The pen camera is available on Amazon.

mystery shopping cameras - pen camera

Video mystery shopping is an interesting part of the mystery shop world. It is another avenue that you might want to explore. Making the most from being a mystery shopper means being flexible and adaptable. There are so many options that you won’t be able to carry them all out, but you never know what might suit you best.

Video mystery shopping usually pays well, because they acknowledge the fact you have bought equipment. This might work for you. Buying one of the mystery shopping cameras isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, especially with the cost involved in some cameras. But if you find that it is for you, then you can save writing a long report after each assignment. See what works for you.