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Mystery shopping challenge week draws to a close

By on July 5, 2018 0 513 Views

I have reached the end of my challenge. Last Sunday I set out to feed myself a main meal every day for a week all paid for by the mystery shopping companies. I feel strongly that mystery shopping can aid your lifestyle. It can give you a little bit of freedom and free up the family budget. This week I have –

  • Got a main meal for three people on three days
  • Got a main meal for two people on four days

And at the end of the week I’ve managed a main meal every day without having to put my hand in my pocket.

mystery shopping restaurant

But, what does this mean?

But let me explain what that means. With mystery shopping you do pay for the food that you eat. You act just like any other normal customer. You must not reveal yourself as a mystery shopper, or mystery diner. And in many cases you are not allowed to use discount vouchers either. Split mystery shop payments into two –

  • The reimbursement, which is how much they will give you to cover your meal.
  • The fee, which is what they will pay you to travel and carry out the paperwork.

So you know from the outset what you will be paid for the successful completion of the mystery shop. I use this as the figure to set my budget. Over this week I have broken even, so I made no income but didn’t have to pay out for all these meals.

Therefore, mystery shopping is a way to get extra meals, get your hands on free things and earn a little extra money. If you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper then my book is a great place to start. It guides you through the process of applying and reveals the secrets of mystery shopping.