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A mystery shopping example

A mystery shopping example

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Mystery shopping can be best understood by way of working through a real-life shop step by step. Because of this, we will show here a mystery shopping example to help you through your own shops. This mystery shopping example is for a retail store. But you can get mystery shops in –

  • Restaurants
  • Betting shops
  • Cafes
  • And others

And the same principles can be applied to all of these mystery shopping assignments. The best way to approach an assignment is to consider what the end user wants It is a way of assessing the service you receive.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at this mystery shopping example –


All of the hard work happens before you set out. You will need to read the report and print it if you need to refer to it. A mystery shopping example is the same as a real-life shop. You will need to know –

  • Where you should be
  • The time you must be there
  • What you need to do
  • The thing or things you need to buy
  • What evidence you should have

A mystery shopping example - never stop learning

In this real life example, I needed to be in a clothing store on Sunday 26th November at any time during the opening hours. I needed to browse the menswear department and wait for a team member to approach me. This can mean a little wait when the store is busy in the run up to Christmas, and this was Black Friday weekend.

During the assignment

I waited for a couple of minutes before being approached. Once approached, I had to ask a question. The team member helped me to find what I needed.

The next part of this real-life mystery shopping example was to repeat the browse, wait ask a question process at the fittings rooms. This was a lot easier because the room was manned. I was able to take a few moments in the fitting room to check my notes and see whether I was on track.

Taking a few moments like this when you are not watched really helps you to remember if you have carried out all parts of your assignment.

This task required me to buy an item at the till and assess the service there too. I needed to record the name and a description of all three team members I encountered. In addition, I had to keep the till receipt and take a photo of the store. Another regular task for a mystery shopping example for the average shopper.

A mystery shopping example - it's not a leap of faith

A mystery shopping example

This mystery shopping example is pretty typical of the way a retail assignment works. You should follow the notes carefully so that you can assess their service fully. Missing elements will usually mean you don’t get paid. In this instance, I received a total of £13.50 in reimbursement and fee. This was a stocking filler for Christmas for one of the kids. Mystery shopping is a good way to help out make ends meet at this tome of the year. I like to pick up some extras for the kids when mystery shopping. If you have any questions about this mystery shopping example and how it might work for you, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.