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Mystery shopping exercise - where will ypu go?

Mystery shopping exercise – notes from a visit

By on November 6, 2018 0 379 Views

I’m going to concentrate on one mystery shop from today for the blog. This mystery shopping exercise is to carry out a complete shop. And this is broken down into three stages. I’m going to look at before, during and after to show a little bit of the preparation and the work that’s involved in a mystery shop.

Mystery shopping exercise – before the shop

I have a full shop to do in a restaurant today. It is to measure the customer service element far more than anything to do with the food. The expectation from the restaurant chain is that their food is already a decent quality and that the team wouldn’t let it go out to the paying customers if not. So, we use this mystery shopping exercise to see two main things about the service –

  1. If they are selling extras – known as up-selling in the trade
  2. If they look after their customers

Up-selling means looking to see if the customers wants something related to what they have ordered, such as bread and butter with their fish and chips or having a large meal instead of a regular one. You might liken it to Morgan Spurlock in Supersize Me, but not at that extreme!

Mystery shopping exercise - sweet taste of success?

Mystery shopping exercise – during the shop

Forgive the nature of these notes as they are written hastily and secretly on my phone while varying out the mystery shopping exercise –

I’m just about to go into my mystery shop at a restaurant. I’ve checked and checked again the location and the notes so I know exactly what I’m doing. It’s a town I know well, so I’ve parked somewhere that has no cost.

I’ll put updates on here as I go but discretion is the key. Right, I’m going in now.

The server is enthusiastic to the extreme. He’s said the word “guys” 20 times already and the word “fantastic” about 10 times as well! It’s good service and the restaurant is clean, modern and bright – the only thing missing is customers. One table were leaving when we got here, one was about half way through and us. A lot of rent on a building and salary on staff when there’s no customers in spending money.

But back to the mystery shop.

The food is great, the service is very friendly but a little slower than I’d expect for somewhere so quiet. It’s been good, and I’m on my way.

A short blog entry for the “during” part as I’ve been trying to type without being seen.

Mystery shopping exercise - are you in control?

Mystery shopping exercise – after the shop

I really enjoyed this mystery shopping exercise as it got me a free meal (there is such a thing as a free lunch) while allowing the restaurant chain to assess the service they gave. I see the mystery shopping work I carry out to be an important part of the company’s strategy. If they can use mystery shoppers to help build a better business then that’s great for them.

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