May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
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Mystery shopping food – the top 6 in 2018

By on January 8, 2018 0 750 Views

Mystery shopping food can be all about the free stuff that you get. When you mystery shop a retailer this comes to you in terms of the products you buy and take home as part of the scenario. But when you mystery shop a hospitality provider what you get is a free meal or free drink – or even both. Here is my guide to the top six restaurants and bars that you could start mystery shopping today.

Mystery shopping food #6 Fayre & Square

This pub chain has an active mystery shopping programme for their main pubs and their kids Wacky Warehouses. The reports are detailed and thorough but the reimbursements are really good. Maybe not one to start with but a great mystery shopping experience when you’ve got a few under your belt.

Mystery shopping food #5 Greene King pubs

These are scattered all over the country and you get a good few for carrying out a mystery shop for at least two people. The instructions are currently that you have a starter, two main meals, a dessert and two drinks so you will always get a good meal here. Straightforward reports are a bonus here as well.

Mystery shopping food - pubs

Mystery shopping food #4 Pret A Manger

You can tell the type of place that takes absolute pride in its food and service, just like Pret. They want to provide an excellent experience and the mystery shopping they have done for them allows this company to monitor this. You get a free lunch!

Mystery shopping food #3 House of Fraser cafes

This higher end retailer has high standards for its cafes. You can mystery shop a House of Fraser café and get a great meal. The food is always great and the service is usually as good as you would expect from the brand. You get a great lunchtime meal.

Mystery shopping food #2 Greggs

Greggs have taken over the High Street in many ways and offer a great takeaway or sometimes sit down experience. Their mystery shop programme covers every shop every month so there are plenty of options available.

Mystery shopping food - sandwiches

Mystery Shopping food #1 Wetherspoon’s

The great British pub has been reignited by Wetherspoon’s and they also have a comprehensive mystery shopping programme. You can get a great meal and a couple of drinks with these guys. The reports are easy to complete and it’s always a pleasure to shop there, whether it’s breakfast lunch or dinner.

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