July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020
Get warm and cosy with Christmas mystery shopping

Looking to start mystery shopping for Christmas? Read on…

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Before I get on to mystery shopping for Christmas, let’s put all of this in a little context. It was my eldest sons birthday yesterday and an occasion such as this (along all the other emotions) brings home what mystery shopping can do for you. As extra presents alongside what we had already bought him, we were able to add –

  • A £25 pair of trainers from a £30 mystery shop
  • A £15 jumper from a £14 mystery shop
  • A £18 polo short from a £13 mystery shop
  • A £12 pair of jeans from a £14 mystery shop
  • A £10 dressing gown and £1 pyjamas from a £14 mystery shop

So, the mathematicians among you will have already worked out that we added £81 of presents to his birthday and made a small profit of £5. I know that this figure doesn’t include allowances for time, petrol and parking (on the above occasions there was no parking fees) but you can see the potential here.

Mystery shopping for Christmas

With this in mind, it leads us to think about how we can pay for Christmas. With Christmas in the way, it’s time to start again and look for stocking fillers to make the kids Christmas even better. It is easy to go out there are conduct some mystery shopping to add something extra this Christmas. The amount the average family spends at Christmas rises every year. What have you done to prepare for this massive spending spree?

It can add a burden on families who are still paying off their summer holiday or even in some cases, their Christmas from last year. Mystery shopping can have a big impact on the faces of your love ones on Xmas Day.

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