July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
mystery shopping for money

Try mystery shopping for money

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There are many reasons to mystery shop. People love to get something for free, so the access it gives to free items is a real draw. But, mystery shopping for money is the real reason most people get involved. If you pick up an assignment, then you are paid in two ways –

  1. Reimbursement for the items you buy
  2. A fee for your time

It’s true that these don’t generally run into the hundreds of pounds, but if you are mystery shopping for money then there is some cash to be made. Don’t think that mystery shopping can replace a full-time income. But mystery shopping for money is probably whey you want to get out there and try it.

What kind of cash can I earn?

That’s a great question. There is money to be made from mystery shopping. A simple mystery shop might involve going to a local shop or restaurant, following some instructions and completing a report. For this you might get your purchase reimbursed plus a little extra. It is these little extras that are your income.

Try mystery shopping for money and see where it takes you

A standard mystery shop might see the fee set at somewhere between £2 and £10. Now £2 doesn’t go very far. But if you can find a handful of mystery shops in the same location on the same day – you can start to stack your cash.

Mystery shopping for money is something that you will want to strategize. The £10 fee jobs are nice. A few of these a week and you start to build some income. If you are close to some large shopping areas, then you can make hay.

Mystery shopping for money

If you are considering mystery shopping for money then get a diary. This will help you to plan. Maybe one day in a certain place, then later in the week visit another. Over time you will start to build a picture. If you can get organised, then you can start to make some good money from mystery shopping.

mystery shopping for money UK

I don’t think that you could ever turn it into a lucrative job. I have been mystery shopping for the best part of ten years, but haven’t yet seen a massive income potential. But that doesn’t mean mystery shopping for money is out of your reach. Define what you think success will look like for you. I get a few things out of it that I think makes it worthwhile –

  • A meal out with the family once per week on average
  • A free cup of tea once a month when out shopping
  • Stocking fillers for the kids at Christmas
  • The odd birthday present
  • A free bet at the bookmakers every month or so

You might think that mystery shopping for money brings big cash. I’m not sure that is the case. But there are some great benefits out there if you know where to look. If you are interested in mystery shopping, then there is stacks of information on this website. For a little more detail, you may want to get the book. Either way, you can build your skills and confidence.