July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020
Is mystery shopping GFK right for me?

Is mystery shopping GFK right for me?

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Mystery shopping GFK is a great way to earn money. There are several mystery shopping companies to choose from, so it is always right to consider your options. Mystery shopping GFK have been round for several years and are a stable option when selecting the company to work with. Becoming a mystery shopper is all about starting in the right place. Starting out mystery shopping GFK can work for you.

Sign-up process for mystery shopping GFK

To start with mystery shopping GFK is an easy process. There are a few steps to follow on their website that will get you up and running as a mystery shopper in no time.

  1. Complete a short from with details about you. This will help them to understand what type of jobs you might be suitable for.
  2. Read a short guide on what it is to conduct mystery shopping GFK and how they expect you to perform.
  3. Take a short, multiple choice test on this guide.
  4. Fill in bank details so you an get paid.

It is as simple as this. So think about mystery shopping GFK and how it can all work for you today.

Is mystery shopping GFK right for me? - Sign up today.

The type of assignments for mystery shopping GFK

Mystery shopping GFK is filled with opportunities. There are so many assignments to choose from, that you would want to sign up with GFK as one of the first mystery shopping companies. They include a range of mystery shops that will either give you access to a great fee, or some free stuff.

These include –

  • DIY store mystery shops
  • Phone store mystery shops
  • Social media mystery shops
  • Phone call mystery shops

And many more. If you want access to assignments like these, then mystery shopping GFK is going to be a great option for you. Check out their website.

Filing reports when mystery shopping GFK

Their report system is really easy to use. You will see a cover sheet and a report before you begin, so you can familiarise yourself with the expectations. From there, you can complete the form online in a matter of minutes. Be sure to double check before you send the report so you can get the right information over.

Is mystery shopping GFK right for me? - Mystery shopping UK.

Payment schedules when mystery shopping GFK

Their payments usually occur a couple of weeks after you carry out the task. Here is the detail –

Payments are made twice a month on or before the 10th and 25th. The cut off date for completed work to be paid is the 10th for payment on the 25th and the 25th for payment on the 10th. Your payment history page will be updated shortly after you have been paid.

Summary – is mystery shopping GFK right for me?

New mystery shoppers always want to know where to start. Because of their support systems, mystery shopping GFK can work really well. Each assignment has a cover sheet and a set of questions before you are accepted. this means that you get the right level of information to conduct your mystery shop. Some tests are difficult, and you only get 3 tries, but you won’t walk into a mystery shop without the confidence you know what you are doing.


There are other mystery shopping companies too, so check them all out before making a final decision. Decide what works for you and then sign up for the right one. GFK could be just that.