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What Everyone Must Know About Mystery Shopping Gigs

By on February 7, 2018 0 645 Views

I’ve been out and conducted four mystery shopping gigs today as the search for birthday presents for others and to earn some extra money. It was a visit to a local city, via a garden centre – and that’s where I’ll start-

Mystery Shopping Gigs #1

Mystery shop 1 was that garden centre and I really like the way this assessment is constructed. Designed to test the observation skills if the team member and their ability to ask questions, understand the customers needs and make a recommendation. It’s really what mystery shopping gigs deliver. The team members I encountered were good on a basic level and I bought a plant.

Fee = £3.75

Reimbursement = £5.00

Spend = £7.99

Profit/Loss = +£.076

Mystery Shopping Gigs - shopping in a garden centre

Mystery Shopping Gigs #2

The second assignment was to an outdoor products retailer and another really enjoyable assessment. It’s the standard start – browse until you are approached – but then the enquiry becomes about a specific range of products. The idea is to test the colleagues knowledge and that they are following the procedures. It takes around 20 minutes, which is quite long for a single enquiry. It also tests your skill as a mystery shopper because there are quite a lot of pieces of information that you need to remember for your report. I really enjoyed carrying it out and will do it again when the opportunity arises. This is one of the mystery shopping gigs to look out for.

Fee = £10.00

Reimbursement = £5.00

Spend = £12.00

Profit/Loss = +£3.00

Mystery Shopping Gigs #3

The third mystery shop was to a higher-end restaurant chain and it’s a really straightforward assessment. Customer service (always very good) and timings (always good) are the order of the day today. Everything went off without real incident and an easy report to boot.

Fee = £3.25

Reimbursement = £15.00

Spend = £25.65

Profit/Loss = -£7.40

 Mystery Shopping Gigs - restaurant

Mystery Shopping Gigs #4

The fourth and final shop today was to a discounter. It’s more about the store than the team, which I always find a shame. The measures are about availability, cleanliness and the features of the store. I know that the team affect most of these things by their activities but it’s nice to be able to assess team members directly by interacting with them. Generally it was a good experience and the fee is good for a quick shop and an easy report to complete.

Fee = £2.50

Reimbursement = £5.00

Spend = £6.83

Profit/Loss = +£0.67

TOTAL = -£2.97 + a plant, two tops for birthday presents, groceries and lunch for 2

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