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Mystery shopping jobs UK - at the seaside

See how mystery shopping jobs UK can generate cash

By on November 15, 2017 0 403 Views

Yesterday brought about 4 mystery shops, all in the same town. When looking for mystery shopping jobs UK it pays to find them close to each other. It’s a great way to pull all of these things together by having one trip, one lot of petrol and only one parking fee. I often try to find free parking but it’s few and far between in big towns and cities. Mystery shopping jobs UK can pay off if you do them in groups like this.

The first mystery shopping jobs UK visit today

The first one I made was to a multinational supermarket chain and to check out availability of some of their ranges before making an enquiry with a colleague and making a purchase at the till. This is one of my favourite mystery shopping jobs UK and one I carry out regularly. Browsing the store it became obvious that there weren’t many staff in the location and it may take a while to find assistance. However, as I looked for the items I wanted to purchase, a team member passed me and I was able to ask their assistance.

Mystery shopping jobs UK - seaside town

There were no queues at the checkout and I managed to pass through quite quickly.

Fee = £2.50

Reimbursement = £5.00

Spend = £7.41

Profit/Loss = +£0.09

The second visit

Now, this was to a discount store and the process was very straightforward. Make an enquiry on the shop floor, and a purchase at the checkout. The team member on the shop floor was very helpful and I feel sorry for him, as his service was excellent but he wasn’t wearing a name badge so there were probably marked down for this. For a team member in a discount store to take the time to show you products elsewhere in the store and listen to your enquiry is rare, but this guy knew his stuff. As one of the mystery shopping jobs UK this isn’t a high payer, but is worth it because I was already in the town.

Fee = £5.00

Reimbursement = £0.99

Spend = £4.01

Profit/Loss = +£1.98

The third visit

This was the final retail visit of the day and was to a national unisex clothing store. The remit for this store is always the same and I was required to visit the menswear department, which in this store was upstairs. This usually means that there is only one team member present in the upstairs and today was no exception. I was to make four enquiries and I like to make these with different team members to get a more overall view of the store rather than just one employee who may particularly good or particularly bad.  The team member was very good, but I feel most like a mystery shopper when asking the same team member several similar enquiries. I think it’s when I’m most likely to me recognised as a mystery shopper. Mystery shopping jobs UK can be as easy as this if you know where to look.

Fee = £2.25

Reimbursement = £12.00

Spend = £12.00

Profit/Loss = +£2.25

Mystery shopping jobs UK - North East seaside weather

The final visit of my mystery shopping jobs UK

Last one of the day was for lunch (or dinner, depending on whereabouts in the UK you live – see here) It was to a chain pub, where the purpose of the mystery shop was to check service levels and whether the team were up-selling. The team were very good at discussing starters, larger size meals, sides and desserts so there was a huge tick in the up-selling box. And the service was definitely with a smile – three team members said “goodbye” as I left – how’s that for a friendly team! A pleasurable in the list of mystery shopping jobs UK if I ever saw one!

Fee = £2.75

Reimbursement = £12.74

Spend = £12.74

Profit/Loss = +£2.75

TOTAL = +£7.07 + groceries, clothing and lunch for 2

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