April 1, 2020
  • April 1, 2020
Mystery shopping jobs - find what is right for you

Mystery shopping jobs and what they mean for you

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There are many mystery shopping jobs out there if you know where to look. Making money from being a mystery shopper can make a big difference to a small budget. It can help low income families. But it is also ideal for –

  • Students
  • Stay at home mums
  • Retired people
  • Someone who wants to supplement their income

And pretty much anyone else as well!

Mystery shopping jobs are distributed by mystery shopping companies. So, the first step on the road is to sign up and find out what they are al about. Once you have a good idea what mystery shopping jobs will entail, then you can go about making sure you fit the criteria. The become a mystery shopper part of the website is the best place to start working on this.

The average mystery shopper is signed up with a number of companies at the same time. It means that they get access to more than one site and a range of mystery shops. I find that the best days I have mystery shopping are where I travel to a single place and carry out five to ten mystery shops. This allows me to make more money and keep travel to a minimum. This often consists of a few purchases, some information mystery shops and some food and drink too. So I can often get a cup of tea, my lunch, some cash and a handful of products all in one day.

Finding mystery shopping jobs

It is all well and good starting with a Google search, but this can lead to you viewing mystery shopping jobs without any background information on the companies. Look for reviews into the companies. We have started to produce these on our website so you can apply for mystery shopping jobs without fear that you are being conned. Unfortunately, like many walks of life, there are some scammers out there when it comes to advertising mystery shopping jobs for people like you and I. Get rich quick schemes are never all they seem.

Mystery shopping jobs - OK when you know how

Never pay for the privilege of accessing mystery shopping jobs to make money. The legit companies never charge you to sign up. It is a worrying trend that can occur from time to time, so be very aware. You don’t want your first encounter with a mystery shopping company to be one where you lose a stack of cash. It will put you off for life. Just look for the companies that allow you to join for no fee, and see what they offer.

The best mystery shopping jobs

The best jobs are those that suit your circumstances. I speak to many people about their mystery shopping experience and guess what? Each and every one of them is different. Some like a particular company. Others don’t get on with them. That’s why it is important to look around at the options. From this point, you can see what will work for you. Consider –

  • The number of assignments they have near you
  • How regularly they pay
  • How long it might take to complete a report
  • Whether they offer assignments that you want

Mystery shopping jobs - so many choices

The last one is a hugely important consideration. There are a wide range of mystery shopping jobs out there, and you will want he ones that work best for your lifestyle.

Want to get your hands on groceries to ease the weekly shop? Then supermarket mystery shopping jobs are ideal for you.

Like the idea of free meals out? The look for restaurant mystery shopping jobs and make your money this way.

Want cash rather than free stuff? Then enquiry or online mystery shopping jobs might be right up your street.

The best way to ascertain if a mystery shopping company has the right assignments for you is to check them out by signing up. I always find that Market Force is a great place to start, but again this might not be perfect for you.

Mystery shopping jobs are a great way to earn cash

But never think that they will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Mystery shopping jobs can help you generate a little extra cash or to get your hands on some free goods, but they are generally not frequent enough to make a good living out of. You can get help with the weekly shopping bill, find a new outfit or get a few stocking fillers. The cash you generate from mystery shopping jobs is handy, but won’t replace a full-time job. So never jack your job in on the hope that mystery shopping will replace the income it generates.

All in all, mystery shopping jobs are great fun and lighten the load. If you want to take the kids out for something to eat a few times a month or find some extra gifts at Christmas, then this is ideal for you. It works even better if you are a regular shopper or live in or near a major town, city of shopping centre. This means that you will have access to some of the best mystery shopping jobs around – pretty much on your doorstep.

Mystery shopping jobs for you

So, don’t delay. Start to look into mystery shopping and what it can do for you today. It can transform your life – it has d0one for me. I now get my hands on free products in exchange for my time. I shop a few times per week at the most. This can work for you, so look out for the best mystery shopping jobs today.