May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
Have you tried mystery shopping KFC ?

Mystery shopping KFC and other food outlets

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Many people look for mystery shopping and have that one word in their mind – “shop”.  And this means they forget the wider picture. You can, in fact, shop in a variety of places such as restaurants, bars, attractions and more. Mystery shopping KFC is one of the places that attracts a lot of attention. So we will take a look at that.

When mystery shopping KFC or other fat food outlets, there are a number of things you need to consider. The mystery shopping company wants to gather information such as –

  • How long you had to wait
  • Whether the people there up-sold you anything
  • How hot and tasty the food was
  • If the staff were friendly

If you are going to go out mystery shopping KFC or other food outlets then you should think about these things before you leave home.

Colenol Sanders says start mystery shopping KFC

How can I start mystery shopping KFC ?

This is a great question! Mystery shopping KFC is closer than you think. It would be remiss of me to name the exact mystery shopping company that does this, and this can change at any stage in the future. But what I can say is that you should sign up with a few mystery shopper companies to start with and see what they have to offer. The more you are signed up with, the better you will become as a mystery shopper.

Mystery shopping KFC and other food outlets will become much easier when you are experienced.  They can be a little detailed and will require you to carry out measures that you don’t often get with other mystery shops, like –

  • Timing specific points in your customer journey
  • Making decisions on the mood of the team members
  • Deciding if the food is good quality or not

If you don’t like fast food, then mystery shopping KFC probably isn’t for you! It is safe to say that if you will want to make mystery shopping KFC a part of your life then you will also need to consider the healthiness of your diet. Don’t do too many of these per week as you might end up with weight or health issues that you don’t want to develop. For more on mystery shopping KFC and the rest of the mystery shopping world, check out the book today.