March 29, 2020
  • March 29, 2020
mystery shopping near me

How do I get into mystery shopping near me ?

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Mystery shopping can be a great way to make extra money, pick up some free stuff or get a meal out paid by someone else. I love mystery shopping and all that it brings me. I use it for extra presents for the kids at birthday and Christmas. And sometimes going out for something to eat once or twice a week. You should ask the question ‘How do I get into mystery shopping near me ?’ You can also make a little extra cash from it, if you do the right shops in the right places. But for many people, the idea of being a mystery shopper is great – they just don’t know where to begin. Here is a quick guide on how to get into it.

Mystery shopping near me – Do your research

You need to know where to start. Online resources will give you an idea of what opportunities are out there. To find out ‘How do I get into mystery shopping near me ?’ you should look online first. If you Google ‘mystery shopping YOUR COUNTRY’ then you will get a good idea about who is hiring. The first piece of advice here is never sign up with a company that wants you to pay to become a part of their panel. Mystery shopping companies are paid by the retailers and hospitality venues they service. So, legitimate companies don’t ask for a fee.

Remember to ask ‘How do I get into mystery shopping near me?’

mystery shopping near me - do your research

When you have looked at some of the companies that are hiring, you should do some research. You can see how they are viewed by the mystery shopping community. Online reviews will let you know if there have been payment problems, reports rejected or other reasons to think twice about working for a particular company. And there are also great online reviews that will let you see who could be a great company to work with. Don’t forget that you are self-employed so you would not be working for them – but with them.

Learn about what makes a good mystery shopper

It may be tempting at this stage to get your application filled out online and go straight ahead with the process of becoming a mystery shopper. I suggest a little caution before you do this. Many mystery shopping companies have an application process (not too onerous) where you have to fill out some questions and tell them a bit about yourself. They want to know certain things, so it is always good to understand what they are looking for. My book The Secrets of Mystery Shopping: How To Become a Mystery Shopper is a great guide to the skills and behaviours that a mystery shopping company requires. Check it out today.

Use your knowledge to apply

The next step is to get that application in. Mystery shopping companies that are hiring will want people to join them as soon as possible. Once you know what they are looking for then get that application in. Then you can start to see the jobs available.

mystery shopping near me - apply now

This is the first step on the road to finding the answer to the question ‘How do I get into mystery shopping near me ?’

Start with one job and see where it takes you

You may look at scores of jobs available and think that you can jump in right away. Although at this point it is tempting to get on with it, I suggest that you select one mystery shopping assignment and complete it fully before moving on to the next. If you get a detail wrong then there is a chance that the mystery shop company withholds payment and you are out of pocket. So to make sure you know what you are doing, read my book  and complete the first assignment. From there you will have the feedback from the shop you have carried out. And you can build your confidence that you are doing all the right things.

Mystery shopping will give you access to anything from a free cup of tea to a meal out and many things in between. It is an interesting and fun way to pick up some extra items such as groceries or toiletries. Once you get started, you will see the potential every day. You have found some progress on your quest to answer ‘How do I get into mystery shopping near me ?’