July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
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Mystery Shopping News: Three Case Studies

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It is true to say that mystery shopping is an exciting industry and as such, the popularity of mystery shopping news appears to be popular among retailers and those interested in the mystery shopping industry. And perhaps even those currently involved in it. If you are new to this, then I recommend Market Force as a great place to get on the mystery shopping journey. In this post, we mention some of the current hot topics that are popular in mystery shopping news at the moment.

Mystery Shopping News: Helping traditional retailers to be more engaging

The popularity of online shopping is growing at an alarming rate, particularly during very busy periods such as Christmas where people may not want to trail from store to store carrying heavy bags. Shopping that was once considered to be essential ‘in store’ such as clothes shopping can now be done online.

This has had a detrimental effect on traditional retailers who now need to make a greater effort to stand out against the competition. And one way this could be achieved is by building better experiences that cannot be replicated online.

mystery shopping news for retailers

As such, immersive experiences have become a popular way for traditional stores to enable customers to see, feel and touch their products. In a way that online shopping cannot offer. The need for immersive experience within traditional retail experiences has attracted significant interest in recent mystery shopping news.

Mystery shopping activities can help traditional retailers to identify where your business can become more engaging, regardless of the type of store. And customer feedback also plays an integral part of this.

Retailers can offer once in a lifetime opportunities to customers, allowing them to learn about their products and bring more customers through the doors. Physical staff can also better understand customer needs and preferences to help close gaps in the shopping experience. Helping to boost sales and traffic.

Mystery Shopping News: Helping supermarkets to provide the best customer experience possible

The type of food that you put inside your body is critical to your health and wellbeing. As such, regardless of whether you are a nutritional expert, or are simply trying to improve your diet, knowing that the foods you are eating are healthy is reassuring.

Use of mystery shoppers for supermarkets is not new, yet it still attracts attention in mystery shopping news. Mystery shoppers can provide a wealth of data to supermarkets. From the quality of the food available, through to the availability of special offers.

mystery shopping news and the supermarket

The importance of mystery shopping in grocery stores is particularly amplified by the frequency of store visits by an average customer. Not to mention the amount customers spend on each visit. As such, customers have never been as keen to find the best deal available to save money.

Store employees have a significant impact on the food you eat. After all, they are the ones unloading the wagons, stocking the aisles and baking the various products. As such, as a customer or mystery shopper, it is useful to make sure that the staff are handling food appropriately and not doing anything to compromise the quality of the food. Separately, grocery store mystery shoppers should also be attentive to the service they receive from supermarket staff.

Mystery Shopping News: Helping car garages to refine customer service, facilities and standard of work

Mystery shopping in car garages is a great activity and is a particularly hot topic within mystery shopping news. This is because so many things can be monitored and evaluated. A mystery shop at a car garage can be an excellent way to complete essential work required on your car. The downside, however, is that you will need to drive a specific make and model to be eligible for this. However, some basic tasks such as routine maintenance and oil changes may be available. Completing a mystery shop for a car garage will involve observing a number of different areas.

Staff. You will need to observe staff from a customer service perspective. Right down to things such as whether you are greeted when you enter the building, or the tone they use with you as a customer. Be aware also that you may be required to keep an eye on how long the job takes and how many updates you receive regarding your vehicle.

mystery shopping news for car garages

Facilities. You will need to inspect a few parts of the building as part of this kind of mystery shop. When waiting in the waiting room, you should check things such as cleanliness and organisation. If you are on your own, it may be useful to record notes on your phone.

Final standard of work. For the most part, people will not really know about this. Unless you are a skilled mechanic. Nevertheless, you may be able to judge this simply on how well your car is driving afterwards.

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