April 1, 2020
  • April 1, 2020

Mystery Shopping Online – What’s It All About?

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Mystery shopping online is a great way to make some money from home.


Mystery shopping online. Obviously this is quite a new thing. Making an appearance only a few short years ago, it can help to test the online presence and reaction of companies. So, what is mystery shopping online? What do you needs to do? Is it complicated? Well, no actually. It couldn’t be easier.

To start with, you simply find the assignment you want to complete. There are a number of companies that offer mystery shopping online and you can take your pick. Some of the most common ones are –

But there are others too, so look at the job board for your chosen mystery shopping company and you can find a job that is right for you.

The next step is the application. Apply for it and when successful it’s yours. Some mystery shopping companies just let you select it, others need to vet you so you apply and then find out later. Either way, be sure that you can do it before you click the button. The mystery shopping online programmes are important to help them understand what they are offering. Don’t let them down!

Mystery Shopping Online

What Is Mystery Shopping Online?

The simplest definition is carrying out a mystery shop but from the comfort of your own home. Mystery shopping online assignments include social media, email and online shopping as well as others. You might ask a question on Twitter, for example. Then you measure how long it takes to answer, the quality of the answer and the friendliness of the person you communicated with.

You follow the instructions and then complete a simple report. It really is that easy. Sometimes the whole thing can be carried out in a few minutes. The fees are not huge but so easy to collect. You just file the report and submit the fee. The company sort it all out and pay it into your bank. Mystery shopping online flows that way. The money will often be with you in a few days.

If you have any questions then please get in touch and we will help you on the way. Happy shopping!