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Mystery Shopping Questions Examples

Mystery Shopping Questions Examples

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This really has been a strange month for mystery shops. I was braced for another busy month after the same one last year but it’s been a real washout. I carried out a shop on Sunday of this week. It was to a clothing retailer that has a national chain and is hugely well-known.

The mystery shop was split into three parts and I’ll look at each in turn to give new mystery shoppers an idea of what may be expected of them-

Mystery Shopping Questions Examples – Shop Floor Enquiry

I was to browse until I was approached by a sales assistant. I then had to make a broad enquiry about an item of clothing. A question along the lines of “I’m looking for some new trousers.” The question needs to be this vague so the sales assistant can ask you several questions that lead to a recommendation. It is a test of customer interaction and product knowledge.

You need to remember names, descriptions and what was said here. It is important to focus.

You must focus on Mystery Shopping Questions Examples

Mystery Shopping Questions Examples – Fitting rooms

You are then to approach the fitting room with an item of clothing to try on. This purely a customer service measure as you are looking to how the assistant interacts with you. And you are also looking whether they offer you any service above and beyond what is usually experienced.

Inside the fitting room is a great opportunity to recap what you have done and perhaps make a quick note or two.

Make notes on Mystery Shopping Questions Examples

Mystery Shopping Questions Examples – Till transaction

You are then required to make a purchase at a certain till. This is to again measure the customer service at that till, as the member of staff interacts with you whilst processing your payment. As with many shops it is a last chance to make sure the customer has got everything they came in for.

This is all about how you were made to feel, so it is easier to remember this information.

This shop performed well on this occasion. And I think that the report I completed will show very positively on the team members I encountered.

If you are thinking of becoming a mystery shopper then it is a good idea to get some tips on the process before you start. My book is available now to give you the lowdown on becoming a mystery shopper.