July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020
Mystery shopping questions

Mystery shopping questions – The top 4 reasons to get out and mystery shop

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Mystery shopping is fun. It gives you lots of things that you can benefit from. You will always have mystery shopping questions you want answers to. Here’s the top 4 reasons to go out and mystery shop-

Mystery Shopping questions #4 – Something to do

For some people mystery shopping is a great way of getting out of the house. It gives you the chance to travel around and visit new places. Mystery shopping got me around the area when I moved home. I credit it with me knowing so much about where I live. It took me to new towns, I found new attractions and learned about new places to eat and drink. It made a big difference to my life.

Mystery shopping questions #3 – The chance to meet people

This links in to the previous thing. The mystery shopping you do will put you in contact with lots of new people. There are many people that I stand and chat to in certain shops now and I only know them from mystery shopping them several times. It’s a great way to relieve loneliness and get you out and about talking to people.

Mystery shopping questions  - meet people

Mystery shopping questions #2 – Free stuff

When you mystery shop there is usually a purchase that you have to make. In the vast majority of cases you get to keep whatever it is you have bought. When you mystery shop a restaurant or pub then this is a great free meal or drink! When you mystery shop in a retail outlet then you get to buy something that you might like or that would make a great gift. Clothing is a particular favourite!

Mystery shopping questions #1 – Money

For many people this is the reason they go out and mystery shop. On top of getting the cash to pay for whatever you buy you will also be paid a fee. Although it has to cover expenses such as fuel and parking the fees can add up – especially if you carry out a few mystery shops in the same location on the same day.

Unless you are incredibly dedicated and live somewhere that there are loads of mystery shop opportunities then you probably can’t quit your day job but there is plenty of money to be earned. There are always going to be mystery shopping questions to be answered.

If you are interested in mystery shopping then my Amazon Kindle book is a great place to find out all you need to know. It takes you through the process of becoming a mystery shopper step by step. If you have any questions then drop us a line today.