July 13, 2020
  • July 13, 2020
Complete a mystery shopping report

What is a mystery shopping report ?

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I wanted to quickly share with you a slightly different opportunity that comes up now and again for mystery shoppers. There is this opportunity through one of the mystery shop companies at the moment. And this prompted me to give you the lowdown on it. It is more lucrative than a standard mystery shop, it takes a little more time but doesn’t involve an actual purchase. It is the mystery shopping report.

You go into a specified company (in this case it is a travel agent). Travel agents need to have the best in customer service. Here you go though a scenario about looking for a service or product. You then write a longer report which is sometimes converted into an article or customer review for a magazine or website.

mystery shopping report with a travel agency

Mystery shopping report – what do you have to remember?

This is all about reporting the experience, the way you were made to feel. It is not like a traditional mystery shop that it concerned with the facts. They usually ask things like how long you waited or the description of the person who served you. The content you write is used to form a picture of the service that you were given, rather than an exact measure of service times.

It can pay between £25 and £50 for a standard shop of this nature. But your English grammar and punctuation skills will have to be very good. Carry out a few of these and you can see some good money come your way. Always make sure you visit different agencies, though for a mystery shopping report on a regular basis.

If you are looking to mystery shop as a way of supplementing your income then the book is a great way to start out. It gives hints and tips to starting out as a mystery shopper. And also gives a step-by-step guide to applying to become a mystery shopper. Start with the basics then move on to a mystery shopping report like this.