July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020
mystery shopping requirements

What duties make up typical mystery shopping requirements?

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Mystery shopping is used within a number of different industries in order to establish levels of customer service, environments and quality of products. The role of the mystery shopper is to make a purchase and rate the overall experience based on a number of factors. It is important to know the mystery shopping requirements in order to succeed. This is then submitted as a report. Most people involved in mystery shopping earn between £5 to £25 per visit. This means it is suitable for those wishing to supplement their income. There are some interesting ways of earning extra cash. Additionally, mystery shopping isn’t for everyone. Which is why we have produced this post. We would like to let people know what duties typically have to be performed on a mystery shopper visit.

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What would be expected from me during a mystery shopping trip?

  • Interact with staff: It is common for mystery shoppers to have to approach an employee, asking pre-prepared questions about a particular product or service. Companies are very keen to know how stores perform in terms of customer service. This can be achieved through such a process. Companies use this information to help further improve the customer experience by developing staff. This is the first in the list of mystery shopping requirements to consider.
  • Make purchases: It is essential for a mystery shopper to make purchases during their assignment. For most items, this money is reimbursed. However, for more expensive items, the items cannot be kept and must be returned to the store.
  • Summarise experience in a report: Mystery shoppers must summarise their whole experience in a written report. Often, this needs to be provided within 24 hours to the business in question. Methods for doing this can vary. Sometimes, companies have specific ways in which they submit reports. E.g. Some companies require reports to be submitted in Word format. In contrast, some companies have a dedicated site in which this can be uploaded. This can be one of the mystery shopping requirements that people dislike. It doesn’t have to be.
  • Submit report to company: After reports have been written, they need to be submitted to the company. Once this has been successfully been received, receipts can be sent for reimbursement in costs. Typically, these are given back one to two months after completing the assignment.

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Mystery shopping requirements – is mystery shopping for me?

Mystery shopping is used in a range of industries for a number of different reasons. A mystery shopper is required to complete certain tasks, rate the experience and submit the overall experience in a written report. You now have a better idea of the mystery shopping requirements in front of you. Mystery shopping is suitable for those looking to supplement their income. We understand that mystery shopping isn’t for everyone. Our aim in this post is to provide some truthful insight into the duties required for mystery shopping.

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