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Try these 5 mystery shopping restaurants companies for a free meal

Try these 5 mystery shopping restaurants companies for a free meal

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There are many benefits to mystery shopping. You can earn money, get your hands on free goods or you can go out for something to eat and drink. These free meals (I thought there was no such thing?!) are my favourite things about mystery shopping. It allows me to grab something as I am passing through, for me and my wife to get a meal out or to take the kids out for something to eat. Free meals out can be had if you apply for the right mystery shopping restaurants. If you follow all the right instructions. And if you have a little time to give when completing your report. There are some great opportunities out there for the mystery shopper. Here is my guide to the 5 top mystery shopping companies to sign up for if you want to free meals out-

5 – ABA-I for mystery shopping restaurants 

Although they don’t have a massive amount of places to eat as part of their mystery shopping programme, the ones that ABA-i have are real quality. You get the chance to test shop the restaurants of top High Street department stores to see the quality that they have to offer. All the meals are freshly cooked and the service is very good too in my experience. Try them out for a great free meal when you go out shopping.

Top 5 mystery shopping restaurants

4 – GBW and mystery shopping restaurants

These are GapBuster Worldwide. They have cornered the market on fast food offerings when it comes to mystery shopping. Once you are established with these guys then you can regularly get free meals at fast food places to feed you on the go or to take the kids to every now and again. GapBuster and their clients are sticklers for detail so make sure that you have your timings and description spot on. I(f you are looking for mystery shopping restaurants then GBW is a great place to start.

3 – Retail Active

Another that does not have masses of assignment for a free meal but have some that come in really handy. You can often get meals in themes parks or museums with Retail Active. So it is best to check it out before you plan a day out. It can help to make the day out go smoothly and take a little financial strain away. This is a good option for mystery shopping restaurants and you.

Try these 5 mystery shopping restaurants companies and you

2 – Marketforce for mystery shopping restaurants 

These are the kings of mystery shopping in the UK in my eyes. But are just pipped to the post when it comes to finding free meals –  you will understand why when you see number one. Marketforce have a great selection of places to get a free meal from breakfast to lunch and then on to dinner. They have great national pub chains and organisations on their books so there is almost always a free meal just around the corner if you sign up with them. Mystery shopping restaurants has never been easier!

1 – The Mystery Dining Company

My number one on the list of the 5 top mystery shopping companies to sign up for if you want to free meals out is The Mystery Dining Company. This is all they do. You can only find free meals on their website so this is the pace to go if that is your main aim when starting out to be a mystery shopper. They have a superb range of different restaurants, bars and other catering facilities. This is the place to go for the best choice of UK food mystery shops. This is the ultimate for mystery shopping restaurants so try them today.

If you want to become a mystery shopper then my book is available now to help you become a mystery shopper and then be successful at it. Check it out now.