March 29, 2020
  • March 29, 2020

Is mystery shopping Retail Active right for me?

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Mystery shopping Retail Active is a popular choice, but you should ask whether it is right for you. There are a number of mystery shopping companies out there. Each has different clients and may be strong in certain areas, both regionally and in terms of the kind of assignments they have available. You need to do some research to find out what might work for you. Mystery shopping Retail Active operates all over the UK and may well provide you with the opportunity you need.

Sign-up process for mystery shopping Retail Active

To get started mystery shopping Retail Active, head on over to their website. Once there, you can complete the short questionnaire. They will ask for details such as –

  • Contact details
  • Occupation
  • How far you are willing to travel
  • Bank details
  • If you are interested in video mystery shopping

Once you have completed this form, then they will get back in touch with you. This is pretty much your application completed. It is easy to sign up for mystery shopping Retail Active today.

mystery shopping Retail Active - sign up today

The type of assignments for mystery shopping Retail Active

Mystery shopping Retail Active is filled with opportunities. There are so many assignments to choose from. There is a great chance that you would want to sign up with Retail Active as one of the mystery shopping companies that can help you become successful. There’s always options to choose from with Retail Active, such as –

  • DIY store mystery shops
  • Pharmacy store mystery shops
  • Video mystery shops
  • Electronics mystery shops

And there are always new assignments coming along. If you have any questions then check out their website and see of they can help. Alternatively, contact us and we will try our best to get you on the right track.

Filing reports when mystery shopping Retail Active

Their report system is one of the easiest I have ever used. It is simple to get the reports in. And this is how you receive pay. You should always check out what is required before you go. This means you are prepared and can make it a great shop. Mystery shopping Retail Active is made as simple as possible for you. Think about how you can turn this into making money!

mystery shopping Retail Active - file your reports

Payment schedules when mystery shopping Retail Active

Their payments usually occur a couple of weeks after you carry out the task. This is a great way to work, so you know that your next payment is only ever a couple of weeks away. Retail Active pay reasonable fees to their mystery shoppers and stick to their schedules. You can rest assured that your mystery shopping experience with them is positive.

Summary – is mystery shopping Retail Active right for me?

Any mystery shopper should consider having Retail Active as one of the companies they work with. The tasks are usually quite simple to carry out, even those that require video or audio equipment. If you need to record an assignment then check out the best mystery shopping cameras today.

These are not the only option on the market. Look for others too.