February 26, 2020
  • February 26, 2020
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Mystery shopping retail – who does it suit best?

By on September 24, 2018 0 377 Views

Mystery shopping is accessible to all kinds of people. And it is a great way to supplement your income and get your hands on some free items or food. Mystery shopping retail and in restaurants can make a real difference to your finances. This multiplies as you get those extra bits or the odd free meal that will lighten the financial load from time to time. But who is mystery shopping ideal for? Check out my guide to the people that will benefit the most from mystery shopping –

Students will love mystery shopping retail

Because mystery shopping requires you to have little more than some free time and access to a computer it is ideal for university students. Most universities are in or close to a big town or city. This means the number of available jobs will be great so a student can find access to a ready supply of mystery shopping opportunities. It is a great way to get a free meal, go for a drink or get some free items that will help when money is tight. Mystery shopping retail is a fab way to do this.

Mothers with children at school are ideal candidates for mystery shopping retail

Again this is a wonderful opportunity for stay-at-home mums because they can drop the kids off at school, go out and do a bit of mystery shopping and be back in time for the kids coming out of school again. Mystery shopping retail doesn’t require you to commit week-in-week-out. So you can take time off when the kids are on their school holidays. It gives you a chance to go out and meet people as well as picking up a free coffee or some bits for the kids. There are also many fashion shops that need to be mystery shopped so you can supplement your wardrobe too!

Mystery shopping retail for mothers

People who have retired can get a lot from mystery shopping retail

Again the way that mystery shopping is structured means that someone who is retired and has free time can get out there to mystery shop and earn a little extra money. It is a great way to pick up extra items for free when you go out and perform a mystery shop so it is well worth giving it a go. The forms that need to be completed online are usually quite basic so you won’t be bamboozled by technology.

Anyone that lives in a big city will get loads from mystery shopping retail

Cities are great for mystery shopping. This is because there are so many shops and restaurants there that need to be mystery shopped. Whenever I’m in a big city I get free meals to keep down the cost of spending time there. There are always so many restaurants to choose from that you can easily have at least a meal or two a week paid for by someone else. It is a great way to make the most from mystery shopping retail today. I had four meals in restaurants from mystery shopping last week and over the year this saves a lot of money.

mystery shopping retail in the city

Mystery shopping is a really interesting way to pass the time and get free items while earning a little extra cash. I love mystery shopping and I’m sure you will too.

If you are interested in mystery shopping retail then my book will give you the lowdown on how to apply and how to be a successful mystery shopper. Check it out today.