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Mystery shopping university students – is it right for you?

By on May 24, 2018 0 636 Views

Mystery shopping university students is a popular thing. It can be carried out by just about anyone over the age of 18 with access to the internet. There are certain groups that are perfectly suited to mystery shopping. Students are ideal candidates to mystery shop because they have some free time, are often located in big cities and have a need for many of the goods and services being shopped for. Here are the 5 reasons mystery shopping is great for students-

5 – It adds to your CV

It can be difficult enough when you leave university to get your name in front of the right employers. Every company wants to know that you will know how to deal with their customers, so experience in mystery shopping lets them know you what it’s all about. It also lets prospective employers know that you didn’t spend ALL your spare time drinking.

mystery shopping university - does it work for you?

4 – It helps with your skills

Although towards the end of your university course you will want to focus completely on your degree, at the start you will have time to hone your skills. The reports you file for some mystery shopping companies will stand you in good stead when it comes to putting together your uni reports too. There is a lot of pressure on student life and getting upskilled is a large part of being ready for when you graduate. Mystery shopping university is a great way to get your skills for the real world moving in the right direction.

3 – Mystery shopping university students is flexible 

University work can have peaks and troughs so you might be available to work a lot of hours this week but none the next. The flexibility of mystery shopping is perfect for student life. You can pick up assignments all over the country so you can work when at home or at university. You can pick and choose the assignments you want to do so it fits in around your schedule. Just remember to plan in advance or all the best jobs might have disappeared!

mystery shopping university - work hard, play hard

2 – A little extra money always helps

It always helps to bring in some cash when you are at university. Although you can’t make enough from mystery shopping to earn a living it does add a little extra cash. It is always welcome to being in a few pounds here and there to help you with the essentials such as food and drink. Mystery shopping is great for students because you can do a few shops and earn some extra income. It’s the same reason why mystery shopping for retired people is so popular.

1 – Free meals when mystery shopping university students!

Money can be quite tight when you are a student. Thinking back to my university days I would have loved the chance to get some free meals to lighten the burden a little. I currently get between one and four free meals per week. This is the ideal reason for a student to get into mystery shopping. This is a great reason why mystery shopping university is more popular than ever. Check out our full guide to whether mystery shopping is one of the student jobs you should choose.

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