May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
mystery shopping visits are perfect for retired people

The 5 reasons mystery shopping visits are perfect for retired people

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Mystery shopping visits are perfect for people that have retired and may want either a hobby or something to supplement their income. Starting out mystery shopping is a great way to get your hands on some free things, such as a meal out, some clothing or a coffee. And mystery shopping visits are ideal for retired people for a number of reasons. There are a few ways to spend retirement, but mystery shopping visits can be fun and supplement income. Here is our guide to the 5 reasons why mystery shopping visits are great for retired people (and why retired people are perfect for mystery shopping) –

5 – Time

You need to be flexible with your time to mystery shop. Some of the assignments require people to shop at certain times (restaurants want people to be there at meal times, pubs want people to be there in the evening) and the fact that retired people often have fewer commitments than those that work makes it perfect for them. Mystery shopping can start to add up if you can conduct a few shops in the same day. Not having to rush back to work or to pick up the kids from school means that you can really make it worthwhile. The best days mystery shopping for me are when I can carry out 8 to 10 shops and stack up some decent payments.

mystery shopping visits for retired people

4 – Experience for mystery shopping visits

Retired people have a lot of experience in dealing with situations that mystery shopping companies are trying to assess. Buying a meal out or having a quality shopping experience are the most common types of mystery shopping visits today. The companies want to know what is going on with the service with their team. Retired people have a greater resource to draw on with these experiences. Although some don’t want to retire, for the rest of us this is an opportunity to out that experience to great use.

3 – Pick up some income

Mystery shopping visits allow people to pick up some extra money or free stuff here and there. It helps if you want an occasional meal out, need to pick up some groceries or have to get a gift for someone in your life. Mystery shops often have reimbursements of £10 to £25 so you can easily get something of value. The reimbursements for meals out are generous and can easily sustain a meal for two. I find this most helpful!

mystery shopping visits retired people - fit it around your life

2 – Reliability on mystery shopping visits

Mystery shopping companies need someone that they can rely on to turn up, carry out the assignment properly and file a report. Retired people are reliable and diligent on the whole. They take their responsibilities seriously and this is a boon for mystery shopping companies. This is a problem and some mystery shopping companies even strike people off for repeat offences. Retired people can really help with this.

1 – Get out of the house

Mystery shopping visits are a good reason to get out there and meet other people. You can meet a friend for a coffee, all expenses paid, or go out for a meal. You can spend some time talking to someone in a shop, while being paid for the privilege. Whatever the mystery shop, it gets you active and gets the brain going. Now that can’t be a bad thing!

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