June 18, 2019
  • June 18, 2019
mystery shopping worth it

Is mystery shopping worth it ?

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Is mystery shopping worth it ? This is probably the most frequent question we are asked. And the answer lies in a series of things you should consider. Let’s begin…

What is mystery shopping?

You may not have heard of mystery shopping before. So for those of you that haven’t, we have provided a brief description here. Mystery shopping is a way that market research companies gather information for their clients. Mystery shopping is used to measure a range of different things by both private companies and watchdogs. During mystery shopping, staff in the shop are likely to be aware of they mystery shoppers presence. Instead acting like a customer normally would, while discretely making observations to report back.

Mystery shoppers typically have to execute a specific set of instructions. Then once complete, may have to complete a report or survey later on. You earn when the assignment is complete.

Is mystery shopping worth it to you

Mystery shopping opportunities are often available to everyday people that don’t necessarily have any experience in the industry they are checking. No specific training is required normally and signup to a service is usually quick and easy. However, some mystery shopping companies do require certification before an assignment can be started.

Why should I be aware of scams?

Unfortunately, there is an abundance of scam mystery shopping sites out there. They may pose as real sites, advertising a range of mystery shopping activities. They may require you to pay a fee before you can commence an assignment. These assignments are often free if by going directly to the company directly. You can check whether a mystery shopping company is legitimate by searching it on the MSPA site. There are many people there who feel definitely that the answer to the question “Is mystery shopping worth it ?” is a resounding “YES!” Think about this.

Can I earn a decent wage from mystery shopping?

The first question you will ask when considering is mystery shopping worth it will be the money. The quick answer is probably. If you are looking for a way to top up your existing income or perhaps access products and services for free, mystery shopping may be the perfect opportunity for you.

To summarise, is mystery shopping worth it ?

Is mystery shopping worth it ? Mystery shopping can be very much a worthwhile pursuit. Although there are companies out there that make false claims about trying to get you to sign up to their site and gather personal data, there are quite a few legitimate opportunities that are quick to sign up to and 100% legitimate. Mystery shopping certainly does not replace a full time job, however is ideal for a range of different people such as students, part time workers or retired individuals that want access to free or paid services that they use every day.

Is mystery shopping worth it - the cash

Wouldn’t it be great if that weekly food shop or trip to the petrol station would pay for itself? For assignments local to you, it may be possible to earn a couple of hundred extra pounds a month in addition to your regular wage. So what do you have to lose by signing up to a mystery shopping site today? If you require more hints and tips on mystery shopping, why not get the book?

That’s the truest way to find out the answer to the question – is mystery shopping worth it ?