July 5, 2020
  • July 5, 2020

Get mystery shopping in time for Christmas

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It’s heading towards the time of year that the mystery shops slow down. Many retailers want to concentrate solely on selling at this time and ease off the mystery shopping programmes, to resume in the new year. There are still mystery shopping assignments available. At this time of year, the extra money or free stuff can come in handy. I always look for gifts, groceries or a free meal. It helps with the cost of Xmas. Sign up now and you can get mystery shopping soon. Even the John Lewis Christmas advert is out now.

There is never a better time than now. Mystery shopping at this time of year is more fun. You carry out assignment when you are already likely to be shopping. This means you save on travel and parking costs. The clever mystery shopper makes the most of the retail therapy they are already carrying out.

Where this all takes you

If you are new to mystery shops then you might wonder what all of this is about. One of the beauties of being a mystery shopper is the fact you can get your hands on –

  • Some free goods that will be perfect for gifts
  • Extra cash that can come in handy at this time of year
  • Access to meals or drinks out that lighten the load

Get mystery shopping in time for Christmas - start now!

I’ve been stating in my blog for some time that mystery shopping is a great way to secure presents for Christmas. As I write this piece, that is starting to fall away just a little. We’re not quite there yet though. It’s a strange thing that in my mystery shopping diary I only have three shops booked, and they are all for tomorrow. I’d ideally like to have 20-30 booked and I usually have somewhere between 10 and 25 set out in front of me. It’s not just the fact that mystery shop companies don’t have much available, it’s the fact that I’m really only looking for shops that bring me in something that I can use for Christmas. Regular followers of the blog will have seen how useful trips to supermarkets are. I’m looking for similar.

Get mystery shopping in time for Christmas - get extra cash

Mystery shopping for Christmas

As it stands though, mystery shopping does tail away now and disappear from about mid-December until the first week of January, so now is the time to read up about mystery shopping, apply to some companies and get out there shopping for free!

My book is the perfect companion to the mystery shopper, so check it out.