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Real Ways to Make Money from Home

Real Ways to Make Money from Home Using Freelancer.com

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Needing some extra cash at the minute? Maybe you’ve considered starting a business from home. If you have, now is a great time and depending on what you’re offering, your services might be in high demand as we move out of lockdown. Starting a business from home is one of many real ways to make money from home.

Starting off, however, can feel like a nightmare. After all, how do you start to get customers? A freelancing platform could be a good beginning, like Freelancer.com. It saves you messing about having to write proposals to businesses who probably won’t reply, or wasting your tight budget on marketing that might not work.

Instead, a platform like Freelancer.com puts you right in touch with people who actually need you. We’ve used similar platforms ourselves, and can tell you 100% that they work!

Real Ways to Make Money from Home

Sounds Great – So How Do I Get Started?

Head over to Freelancer.com, get registered, then browse the categories available. There’s the usual techy stuff like web development, marketing or graphic design.

Then you also have some other great categories like:

  • Product sourcing and manufacturing
  • Freight, shipping and transportation
  • Accounting and business
  • HR and legal
  • Translation
  • Local jobs for tradespeople

We really like these because they’re not really available on other freelancing sites.

Not Sure This is For Me. What Else is Available?

Mystery shopping might be a good choice if you enjoy interacting with others, like variety and have a strong eye for details. You don’t need experience, and there’s no awkward interview involved. You will need a good grasp of English though. Interested? Get registered and start applying today!

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