January 24, 2020
  • January 24, 2020
Save Money On Designer Fragrances

Save Money On Designer Fragrances

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We all love to smell great. I know that one of the favourite mystery shopping assignments out there is to a fragrance shop from the feedback I get. And there is more than one way to save money on fragrances. We all want to save money on designer fragrances.

Mystery shopping is one great way of making this happen. You can get an assignment at a retailer that sells fragrances. They often require you to make a purchase and give you cash off that purchase. When you add the fee to this, you can wind up with a big saving on your perfume or after shave.

This gives you the opportunity to treat yourself or someone else to a great smelly without breaking the bank. And some of lifes little luxuries come at a high cost. It isn’t just fragrance that can cost a pretty penny. Hotels and other luxuries are high priced too.

But there is another way to save money on top designer fragrances.

Save Money On Designer Fragrances

Great Smells And A Great Idea

If you look at the price of fragrance, your eyes might water. Some of the most popular fragrances come at an astronomical price.

Tom Ford F*ing Fabulous comes in at more than £200. Creed Aventus rocks up at a price approaching the same mark. It’s a wonder how we manage to find the money to make this happen.

But worry no more. There is another way.

Step up Great Smells. A simple concept, executed brilliantly. They get the same oils from the same factory and make the same fragrances. The difference? You’re not paying for the celebrity endorsement, the TV adverts, the packaging and the cost of getting it into stores.

All of this adds up to a pretty penny. Instead you get a good bottle, classic packaging and the very same scent. In the very same formula.

Save Money On Designer Fragrances with Great Smells

We’re all looking after the cash. It’s not a case of being able to splash out on fragrance all the time. I’m sure you’d like a large collection to choose from. Without the hefty price tag.

Great Smells is the opportunity to have the top designer fragrances you want without having to take out a loan to afford them!

Check them out and see what it could mean to you.