May 30, 2020
  • May 30, 2020
Shopping isn't the only mystery in my life

Shopping Is Not The Only Mystery In My Life

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I am a serial mystery shopper to the point where I have written a book about it (more of that later) but shopping is not the only mystery in my life.

For a while now I have been writing and publishing non-fiction books for myself as well as ghost-writing both fiction and non-fiction books for other people. I have also extended this passion to writing novels. They are set in the North East of England and there is a growing series based on the story of a killer and the detective that is trying to catch that killer.

The first in the series is called INITIAL and is available on Amazon now both as a paperback and a Kindle edition.


INITIAL by Steven Thompson

One of the exciting things about this as far as I am concerned is that the second novel in this series is written. It will be ready very soon. So, if you haven’t read the first one, now is the time to start. You will get the chance to read it ready for the second.

The experiences I have from being a mystery shopper have helped to shape these books. There are characters there from my mystery shopping assignments as well as the rest of my life. As a writer I am always collecting new characters and situations to use in my books. Here is a short excerpt from the first book to whet your appetite –


He stood over her looking down at his prey. She looked for all the world like a normal person. But he knew differently. She was chosen to be here at that time, in that place. He knew what he had to do next. She would set an example to others. This was the real start of his work. This was the one he had planned for.

She looked up at the man above her. He was stood in front of a bright light. He wasn’t familiar to her in any way. She wondered who he was. She couldn’t see his face. He spoke not much louder than a whisper so she couldn’t make out his voice either. She wanted to know who he was. But that wasn’t the biggest or the most pressing thing on her mind. She wanted to know what he has planned for her. She didn’t have to wait long.

He moved with clinical speed. Just before she saw his hands move quickly towards her, she heard him say something. Again, she couldn’t make it out. A few seconds later she was lying in a small pool of her own blood. He dropped something before walking away. And he was glad that he lived alone so he could get cleaned up without interruption or detection. He smiled to himself as he strode towards home. The dark of the night shielded him from any prying eyes that might have been present on the short journey.


Augustine Boyle was woken by the vibration from his mobile phone. The nights where he really needed a good sleep he turned off the alarm and left it on vibrate. It was always the case that these were the nights he got a call. Boyle struggled with his sleep.

He hadn’t slept well for weeks, or it could have been months or perhaps years. He didn’t know what it was that had made this happen. It could have been age. Most of his family suffered with it. His father barely slept beyond the early hours of the morning and drifted off to sleep in the early evening. Augustine missed most of evening television but the invention of TV recorders helped him catch up in the first few hours of the day, so by the time the rest of the country had awoken he had caught them up with their viewing habits.

He could then join in on conversation with everyone else at work (when he chatted at work) or with the rest of the family (if he had one). It could have been that. His aunts all suffered with a similar disease. The disease of not being able to sleep. Many people in his profession were night owls. They worked late when the rest of the world had switched off. But he worked early before the rest of the world had even switched on. It made him feel like he had a head start on the people he was trying to catch. Augustine was sure they didn’t get up as early as him.”

Hope you enjoy it!!