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Christmas Mystery Shop And You

by on December 3, 2019 0
I’ve carried out three mystery shops in a city local to me today. It was free parking for two hours, only a little petrol and only three hours out of my time, including preparation, the shops and data input afterwards. This is how a Christmas mystery shop works. First Christmas Mystery Shop This today... Read More

Mystery Shopper Gigs At Christmas

by on November 21, 2019 0
It really is just the odd mystery shop between now and the New Year, so make the most of the shops that are available. Mystery shopper gigs at Christmas are few and far between. Retailers are concentrating on their customers at this time of year. But there are mystery shopper gigs if you keep... Read More

Get Paid To Shop For Christmas Presents

by on November 19, 2019 0
It’s the real countdown to Christmas and it’s at this time of the year that I look to getting all my free stuff together for presents. I look at the mystery shops available as there is a lot more travelling anyway. So, I would normally travel to several local towns and cities several times... Read More

Mystery Shopping At Christmas Time

by on February 17, 2019 0
This is the time of year that mystery shop companies and retailers cut back on assignments. This is to concentrate on customer service. Mystery shopping at Christmas time can drop away. The number of mystery shops available has started to decrease quite a lot. But for the willing there are certain kind of jobs... Read More
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