January 22, 2020
  • January 22, 2020
Tern mystery shopping - is it right for me?

Is Tern mystery shopping right for me?

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Finding the right mystery shopping company to work for is important. Then might just be Tern mystery shopping for you. They have been round for some time. Tern mystery shopping are reliable and seem to be looking for new shoppers on a regular basis. They pride themselves on being able to offer –

  • Great assignments
  • Active support
  • Straightforward reports

This means that Tern is a popular choice for many mystery shoppers. Let’s take a look at what they do in more detail.

Sign-up process with Tern mystery shopping

Starting with Tern mystery shopping is easy to do. They want to know some basic details about you, such as where you live, your demographic data and your age. It is really simple to sign up, as they don’t ask too many questions. Thinking about adding anew mystery shopping company to your portfolio? Then Tern mystery shopping might be perfect for you.

Tern mystery shopping and you

The type of assignments that Tern mystery shop have

Tern mystery shopping give you access to a wide range of assignments. They are a national company and, as such, have shops across the UK. Think about the kind of mystery shops you want to do. Tern mystery shop have a wide range, which includes –

  • Clothing store mystery shops
  • Financial services mystery shops
  • College mystery shops
  • Food mystery shops

This means that you can probably find what you want in your area with Tern mystery shopping so take a look today.

Sending reports to Tern mystery shopping

Tern mystery shopping use the Sassie system, so the reports are easy to complete. Sassie is a popular system for mystery shopping companies. If you already carry out mystery shops in the UK, then you may be familiar with Sassie. The reports work on a yes/no basis and there are prompts when you need to add more detail. I recommend having a few Sassie companies in your portfolio, and Tern mystery shopping should be near the top of your list.

Payment schedules for Tern mystery shopping

Tern pays on a regular basis. Payments are processed a few weeks after a shop has been carried out, so you are never waiting for long until you get the cash. You will be reimbursed for any money spent as well as earning a fee for each assignment. Tern are one of the more prompt payers on the market. You can keep on top of their payment schedules on the ‘Shop Log’ page on the Tern mystery shopping website, once logged in.

Tern mystery shopping - making money

Summary – is Tern mystery shop the right mystery shopping company for me?

If you already shop with another Sassie mystery shopping company, then this will be the perfect addition. They have a wide range of mystery shops, so you can consider all those assignment that might work for you. For the new mystery shopper there is enough support to make Tern a great choice. Think about how you can make the most of your mystery shopping. It is often by signing up with a handful of companies. Tern mystery shopping should probably be one of those. Check out the contact details of all the mystery shopping companies here.