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mystery shopping video equipment feels like being a spy

What is the best video mystery shopping equipment out there?

By on October 8, 2018 0 808 Views

What is video mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping video equipment can be used to monitor a mystery shopping visit. So this can be fed back to the company in question. Allowing them to undoubtedly evaluate the trip from the customers perspective. Typically, the footage is uploaded to an online portal which can be accessed by the company. We have outlined the range of equipment that can be used for video mystery shopping.

What are the advantages of video mystery shopping?

Some may ask why you need video mystery shopping equipment at all. But there are some distinct advantages of the video mystery shop, such as –

  • Results are impartial and not biased
  • Accurate recording of customer experience
  • Checking of adherence to company policy by staff becomes easier
  • Evaluation of staff competency
  • Identification of future training needs
  • Reduced likelihood of poor service, dishonesty or lack of adherence to rules
  • Good way to improve overall customer experience

And you need quality mystery shopping video equipment to make all of this happen.

Capture the truth with mystery shopping video equipment

What kind of cameras are available for video mystery shopping?

Bullet cameras are great for mystery shopping assignments. This is because they are unquestionably small in size. And easy integration into clothing is possible. Furthermore, they are also lightweight. Subsequently, we have outlined some of the common types of micro cameras commonly used for video mystery shopping, below.

MC1 Micro Camera. The MC1 micro camera is a high resolution camera featuring a miniature lens which produces equal image quality of a bullet camera but at a much smaller size. This is the kind of mystery shopping video equipment that will help you go out there and earn extra cash.

MC2 Micro Camera. The MC2 micro camera features a lens. Positioned at a right angle to the body. Like the MC1, it contains a mini lens, producing an image just as clear as a bullet camera. Moreover, the MC2 features a special attachment which allows the camera to become covert. For example, taking the appearance of a button or phillips screw head. Because concealment of these cameras is very easy. Making it ideal for mystery shopping activities. 

MC3 Micro Camera. The MC3 features a very small lens which uses a number of tiny fibres to connect the camera to a standard connector. If you are looking for a camera that is the smallest model available for video mystery shopping, this is probably the one to go for.

mystery shopping video equipment - who is watching who?

So, what is the best mystery shopping video equipment ?

Many mystery shopping assignments require the use of hidden cameras to monitor the customer experience. Subsequently, tracking of performance becomes much easier. There are a number of advantages in using this approach. Such as impartial results, accurate recording of customer experience and checking staff are adhering to company procedures. In this post, we have outlined all the types of hidden cameras available. The right mystery shopping video equipment can open doors for you.

All of which are high resolution and some of which take the form of buttons or screwheads which are highly discrete and ideally suited to a mystery shopping exercise. Furthermore, if you would like to learn more about mystery shopping, make sure to check out the book for a wealth of useful advice.