May 30, 2020
  • May 30, 2020
What is a mystery shopper ? Mystery shopping for all.

What is a mystery shopper ?

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It’s a great question. People want to know what a mystery shopper is and what they do. Thinking of being a mystery shopper sparks ideas of intrigue and secrecy. Although there is a little ‘playing your cards close to your chest,’ this isn’t an assignment close to being a spy. In the United States, it is known as secret shopping. And the people who carry it out are this known as secret shoppers. For me, this is just shopping – with the addition of taking some notes! A mystery shopper carries out normal shopping visits. I often make it part of an existing shopping trip. You should act normally. You should just shop. The result of all of this is that you are able to write a report on your experience. The expectations are already outlined. You may need to ask certain question, or buy certain things.

Mystery shopping for you

The experience of mystery shopping is different for each of us. What may be a great shop for me might not work at all for you. Because of this, it is difficult to give an accurate overview of being a mystery shopper that fits all circumstances. In addition there are scores of mystery shopping companies. Some may be really active in your area. Others may have rather fewer that suit you. So a mystery shopper needs to think about who to sign up with. You can start to get an idea from seeing who is recruiting mystery shoppers and in what area.

What is a mystery shopper ? Who is hiring?

Many of the mystery shopping companies will show the postcode areas where they are looking for new shoppers. This lets you know that there might be great opportunities for you. It seems like they are all looking for shoppers all the time. But this isn’t the case. You don’t want to jump through the hoops of signing up only to find that there are no assignments for you.

Being a mystery shopper

The process of becoming a mystery shopper isn’t a tough one. Most companies looking to recruit a mystery shopper want to make it as easy as possible. They need good people, therefore they don’t want to put them off. So the questions you need to answer are often simple. They follow a forumla. they want to know that you are objective, observant and reliable, as well as –

  • Being a good timekeeper
  • Having a good grasp of English
  • Not working for a rival retailer

What is a mystery shopper ? Apply to mystery shop.

So, make sure you understand the requirements. Every question asked is there for a reason. Think about what they want to know. If you are unsure, then take a few seconds to re-read and be in control of your responses. It doesn’t take long to get it all right. If you think about why a retail business might set up a mystery shopping programme then you have an idea what they want from you.

Being a mystery shopper is great fun. You get some free stuff and earn extra money at the same time. It can be perfect for just about anyone, so check it out today.