May 30, 2020
  • May 30, 2020

Who would be a mystery shopper ?

By on July 18, 2017 0 740 Views

The scene is set. You are walking around a shop trying desperately to get the attention of a shop assistant. You will have to write a report on this later. Then your actions will in all probability be studied on CCTV to see if you have kept up your side of the bargain. And you are right to ask yourself the question – who would be a mystery shopper in this day and age?

So what is mystery shopping like on the bad days?

Mystery shopping is supposed to be easy. You go to a shop and buy a couple of things before sending a short report and getting paid. And when it goes right, it can be that easy. But there are times when you read the assignment notes, study the location and rehearse what you have to say – but nothing falls right for you. Your sat nav doesn’t like the postcode that you have been given. You drive up and down time and again to see if you can find the right spot. But it just isn’t having it. You decide to park and go on foot to look for the place but that isn’t any better. The life of a mystery shopper runs smoothly most of the time but occasionally it just feels like a pain.

Who would be a mystery shopper is something that crosses my mind at times like this. To make matters worse, these events always seem to happen when

  • It is raining
  • It is windy
  • I just don’t feel very well

You know those days. But you keep on going because you have told someone you will do it. You can’t let people down. That is in the nature of most of those who mystery shop for extra cash or a few treats every now and again.

But what about the good days

When it all falls into place it is a breeze. I can often go out for the day, conduct several mystery shops (my PB is 12 in one day.) Then I get home to fill out some simple reports that are well-structured and help you to get the story of your visit across. But on others this doesn’t work at all. Look for the good and remember if the bad comes along then you can get through it and live to see another day! The ratio of good to bad is around 50 to 1 so don’t get down if it happens to you and jump back on the horse again.

Who would be a mystery shopper now

There are certain groups that would be ideal for mystery shopping. The nature of the job is that you can pick and choose jobs, work across a variety of places and pick up some extra money, free goods or a free meal.

Mystery shopping for students is a great way to get some extra food, have a drink on someone else’s money or buy a few groceries.

The fact is that mystery shopping for mums is a the ideal way to meet up for a coffee with someone else picking up the tab or to get a few bits for the kids.

Mystery shopping for retired people gets you out of the house or might supplement pension income.